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Promotional Gifts/Products Australia

Improve your branding with the Promotional caps August 26, 2016 14:35

The world of business always relies on the promoting tools to promote their products and services to reach the maximum number of people. The promoting tools are always on the quest of evolving because the taste of the people keeps on varying. Most of the times, organizations rely on the tools that are technology oriented and targets the very nature providing us the shelter.

Today, a new way of promoting businesses has came in the view which is nature friendly as well. Promotional hats or caps are a great way to promote your organization’s name improving its branding. You could either get the caps to have the logo of your company, name or services you are offering.

Promotional Caps  Promotional BeaniesBucket Hats

The best part of the promotional Hats

The best part about the the caps that they are a decent approach to improve your image picture in the business sector. If you are having a tight advertisement spending, then promotional wholesale caps are a decent approach to expand the ubiquity of your item and organization. You will go over different sorts of caps that are accessible in the business sector. You ought to choose the best item that can fulfill your promoting needs. Moreover, these caps are comparatively inexpensive than other promoting tools. You ought to consider the accompanying elements when purchasing tops for your advertising needs.

It is sensible to consider spending plan before you plan to buy promotional caps for your advertising necessities. Without a doubt, spending ordering will assume an essential part. You should realize that surpassing your financial plan to purchase better captivating items will influence your monetary future also. In this manner, it is basic to buy caps that can meet your financial plan.

Straw Hats    Trucker Caps     Promotional Visors

Types of promotional caps to choose from

Diverse sorts of screen printing choices are accessible. With regards to top printing, you can decide for weaving, embellish, virtual evidence and virtual examples too. The determination of printing will rely on the material of the cap that you pick based on your financial plan.

If you will buy caps at a sensible rate then you ought to visit a wholesaler. Bulk purchasing is constantly less expensive. In any case, you ought to never plan to trade off over the nature of the item. If you will buy promotional caps then you can investigate the sites that are based over the web. The greater part of special stock wholesalers have online nearness. In this manner, you will get numerous alternatives to buy the best caps over the web.

Baseball Caps  Flexfit Caps    Golf Caps

It is ideal to experience different sites and search with the expectation of complimentary quotes. When you get quotes from different online limited time item wholesalers, you can begin contrasting the nature of the top and the expense. In the regards, approaching promotional caps Australia would be an ideal choice for the fact that they don’t charge you extra but for their services.

These promotional hats are just the best approach to deal with your promotion issues and achieving great results out of it.

Non Woven Tote Bags February 25, 2016 13:12

Say goodbye to plastic, embrace non woven tote bags for good!

We often talk about going green or caring for the environment in particular. However, when it comes to reality very few of us actually think about whether what we are doing is right. Take for example the grocery bags, a daily item of use that we work with. Have you ever given a thought exactly how many grocery bags have you put to use for carrying your personal stuff? If survey reports are taken into consideration, an average family pays visit to the grocery at least twice a week and hence 104 times in a course of 12 months. And guess what the best thing that people can actually do is to stock up groceries. Now, on an average, a family uses more than two grocery bags each time they visit the store. That would count the number of grocery bags usage to 208. Now, on a hypothetical level, that’s way too much plastic grocery bags which is all the way harmful to the environment. Thank God, there’s a worthy solution in the form of non-woven tote bags. That’s right, non-woven shopping bags are fast becoming green shopping bags which are being preferred by families from all over the country.

  Non Woven Bags               Non Woven Shopping Bags

In comparison to plastic grocery bags, non-woven pp bags are a great choice of option for the environment. A typical plastic bag has polyethylene as the main component which is more commonly known as ethylene monomers. The same has petroleum and gas as the chief source of extracts. Now, less than one percent of plastic bags are being recycled which makes the negligible contribution to the betterment of the surrounding environment and hence puts us one step behind in our commitment to go green. However, the situation is not that drastic as it sounds. There’s still a lot that we as common people can do by restoring to use of green shopping bags which are essentially non-woven tote bags.

If you have been looking for a worthy choice of option for a grocery bag that is recyclable, think no further ad embrace the usage of printed non-woven bags. It is not only a great alternative to regular plastic made grocery bags but also a great way of actually portraying to the entire society that you do care for the environment and are actually doing something about it. Getting a non-woven pp bag can also essentially be your first step towards greener living. Now, contrary to what many people still believe, going greener doesn’t mean that you have to do away with style. These days, non-woven  tote bags  comes printed in a range of colours and can be customized with the company logo or any motivating slogan that you might have seen already. Tote bags are not only a greener option to choose but also a trendy way to pick your groceries.

    Non Woven PP Bags            Non Woven Bags Australia

And while we are only harping on the greener quotient, let’s not forget that a non-woven bags are also uniquely versatile to be out o use and are equally strong and durable as well. While in the case of a plastic bag the constant worry is the bottom falling out which is never an option with non-woven shopping bags.

4 Awesome Reasons why canvas tote bags are in vogue February 22, 2016 14:27

Canvas tote bags made its appearance in the market as a sturdy replacement to leather bags, primarily. Soon after, it made a strong foray into the fashion world as designers and fashion enthusiasts developed an uncanny love towards these canvas shopping bags as an element of style. They can be put to any use you want–for shopping groceries, carrying regular items, lunch bags, wrapping gift items, carrying shoes, milk, meat and almost anything that you want. Tote bags are a perfect instance where style and functionality are offered in equal measures. Here are four awesome reasons why canvas tote bags are totally in vogue.

     Canvas Bags                                       Canvas Tote Bags

1.  Functional and fashionable

Canvas bags, they are often unfastened ones sporting strength and durability. The best part is, they come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some canvas bags are also designed with several compartments that one can put to use in a lot of different ways. So, no matter where you want to go, canvas tote bags will act as a necessary appendage as it can be paired with any kind of dress, formal or casual. These days one can choose from a whole new range of designer bags like canvas tote bags Australia and they make a great choice for quality totes for groceries, books, shoes and almost anything that you  want to buy or carry in it.

2. Spacious and durable

One of the most primary reasons why canvas bags are in great demand is due to the fact that they are spacious and highly durable in nature. You can fit in anything you want and still be left with a lot of space to add more stuff. Canvas tote bags, if taken care of, can last for months and years even after repeated usage. These bags, as you should know, were designed to meet multiple purposes and hence, they are stronger than paper bags and can be used again and again.

3. Extremely versatile in nature

Canvas tote bags are all the way versatile in nature as they can be made to look chic easily with nice and bright colours. If you are crafty enough, you will find a wide range of designer custom canvas tote bags that you can pick up to match your style and taste. You can also choose to buy several tote bags and then go on pairing it with the kind of dress that you are wearing for the day so as to create willful fashions statement as well. 

4. Great Gift Idea

A well-made canvas tote bag is an excellent option for gifting purposes. If you are willing to spend in a little extra you can go with buying canvas tote bags and custom canvas bags which can be used to wrap in any gift that you want to buy.

  Canvas Shopping Bags                                     Canvas Bags Australia

Before you buy a tote bag, you need to think about the purpose for which you want it. If you are looking for a durable option to carry groceries or daily items of work then you might as well buy tote bag of your choice. However, if you are looking to use it for occasional shopping or gifting, then you might want to consider a designer or custom canvas bag that comes in a wide array of designs and colours to choose from.

Calico Bags February 17, 2016 17:00

We all are aware of the nature-friendly bags that have become a recent trend, youngsters, as well as office goers are using it every day as it’s a healthy alternative to keeping our environment safe. One of the latest category or variety of eco-safe bags is the calico bags. Calico bags are made from semi-processed cotton; these are very cheap but are of course material. You can buy these trendsetting calico bags from the best place called promotions247.com.au. At promotions247.com.au, we have a huge collection of calico or canvas bags that are available in different sizes and colours.

          Calico Bags                             Calico Bags Wholesale

Seeing that many college goers are using these bags, we have come up with a great collection of calico bags with quirky prints and patterns that youngsters would love to carry around. They are easy to carry and maintain, you can just put in the wash and it’ll look brand new again. Calico bags are the next big thing in the area of environment-friendly bags. Promotions247.com.au provides these calico bags at wholesale prices; they are cheaper than ever and thus can be bought and carried by all. You can also buy these calico bags in bulk for you and your friends. We have different varieties and shapes of calico tote bags, handbags, pencil cases etc.

Calico Bags Australia                        Calico Tote Bags

Calico bags are the perfect buy as they are reusable, as they don’t require high maintenance but a little care. They are a perfect replacement of plastic and leather bags that are used by individuals which are not really safe for our environment. We have high quality 100% cotton calico tote bags that are an eco-friendly alternative to those conventional handbags. And if you think you are restricted to the design and look of these bags because they are environment-friendly and all natural, well that’s not the case.

Promotions247.com.au has a huge collection of printed calico bags with different sizes and handles, we have different coloured bags to match your every outfit. We present to you an exclusive collection of calico bags having different trendy prints and patterns that will be loved by all. We have made sure that these nature safe bags are not boring as they seem, so these bags can be carried easily with style and not to forget comfort. But even after browsing through our amazing collection, you do not find a bag that matches your style or personality we have the perfect solution for you regarding calico bags in Australia.

Calico Drawstring Bags                                         Calico Messenger Bag

You can customise your own calico bags, just tell us your desired colour and size of the bags and the print or pattern you want on it and we’ll make the perfect custom made calico bag just for you! We have a great online collection of calico bags of different varieties and ranges that you can choose from by easily placing your orders right from the comfort of your home at the best wholesale prices we have to offer. These bags are a great investment if you are a true lover of bags as they will not be ruined if taken care and can be reused as well. So these bags shall last a good long time with you and not to mention its nature-friendly quality.

So check out our amazing collection today and choose your desired calico bag to add to your bag collection and call it your favourite.

Hessian Bags February 12, 2016 16:02

Bags are woman’s best friend as they carry all the essentials women need in their everyday life. They are easy to carry and look fashionable if paired with the perfect matching dress. We all have the little obsession towards bags and there are in fact different varieties of bags like tote bags, handbags, clutches etc. Everybody is becoming environment-friendly these days, seeing the sudden harmful changes in our surroundings and environment. So brands and companies are coming up with different varieties of eco-friendly bags as well to keep up with the environment and take a step towards its betterment or at least not make it worse. Hence, there are many different varieties of eco-friendly bags that do not harm the environment in any way.

Jute Bags                       Hessian Shopping Bags       

One of most preferred bags in this category are the hessian bags for sale. These are nature-friendly bags that are made from the skin of the jute plant. They are made from the natural fibres and are very popular in US and Canada where these are called as Burlap. Jute is a coarse material and is thus also used for bags, rugs and other things. Hessian bags are the perfect bags made from natural jute fibres that are safe to the environment. These can be used for various purposes like storage, keeping water bottles to keep it cool or warm, storing vegetables and fruits or you can use it every day to keep your daily essentials and use it like your normal handbag. So if this whole idea of nature-friendly bag interests you as the better alternative to your expensive leather bags that are actually harmful to the environment and not to forget the animals that were slaughtered for the same, hessian bags are your best bet at keeping the environment healthy and safe.

Hessian Bags Wholesale                     Hessian Bags for sale

Now one must wonder where we can buy these hessian bags, so for those who are a fan of bags and are interested in buying these super cool hessian bags, promotions247.com.au is the perfect place for you. We have various varieties of these in different sizes and patterns. These are easily available at our online site and you can buy hessian bags wholesale prices. You can also buy them in bulk for you and your friends as it’s a great way to support our mother nature into keeping it safe. Now you may feel that being all nature-friendly, these jute bags might not be trendy and fashionable enough for you to carry every day. But that’s where you are mistaken; promotions247.com.au has a huge collection of hessian shopping bags of different sizes, colours and patterns. They have different printed bags that can be carried to school, college and even for the office.

Hessian Shopping Bags       Jute Satchel        Jute Shopping Bags

But if you still don’t like any of the bags from our collection, we have special services for you where you can customise your own personal jute bags. You can choose your own desired choice of colour, pattern and size and print and we’ll make it especially for you! So check out our amazing eco-friendly collection of hessian bags today and buy your favourite trendy jute bag. Hessian bags are the next big step towards keeping our environment safe while not compromising with style and trend.

Non Woven Bags: The new statement in promotion! December 15, 2015 18:26

Promotional bags in vibrant hues made using the non – woven fabric are an amazingly popular choice when it comes to events, trade shows, expos and conferences. Whoever receives them will be delighted with the strength of these bags, as well as the fact that they are reusable. Also, as a buyer you will appreciate the low prices at which Non Woven Bags Australia are available, with the beautiful finish. These can also be customised with your branding and logo.

So, what is the non – woven fabric? This is a synthetic, man – made fabric, which is predominantly derived from plastic and indirectly, petroleum too. Compared to the traditional cotton fabric, these Non Woven Bags have higher rigidness. This certainly makes them a popular choice in business, because of the fact, that they will create a nice finish and neat look by retaining their shape. Also, unlike the closest comparable product, the cotton calico bags, these Green Bags are available in a variety of different hues and not just the natural finish.

Non Woven Bags Australia         Non Woven Bags Wholesale


You can get Non Woven Bags Direct Australia at wholesale prices, from Promotions247.com.au. You will have some different options and can also get the bags customised. You will get quality printing done to brand the non – woven bags. These are made using the best quality fabric. The maintenance of quality makes them decently durable and also extremely suitable, especially when you are on a lookout for bags which will retain their shapes and won’t stretch or strain too much when being used. Some vendors also supply an inferior quality of Non Woven Bags Australia. The fabric they use stretches easily with less content in it.

Non - Woven Tote Bags for the environmentally conscious promoters!

Non – woven bags are considered by many as the green bags. The reason for this is that they can be reused and this particular property reflects their kindness to nature. Non Woven Bags Direct   Australia are earth friendly and promoting a version of these is and extremely considerable gesture towards the planet. Additionally, they are available in varied sizes, which are manufactured by using a high percentage of materials which are recyclable.

Non Woven Bags Direct            Non Woven Tote Bags

How about the ambush bags?

Ambush bag is basically a simple concept which has been lately gaining popularity. This concept refers to purchasing of the largest size of Non Woven Tote Bags by your company or organization, for any upcoming conferences, expos or trade shows. The basic intention behind this notion is that the people having your bag will probably use it to carry all the other bags that may have been provided by the other vendors. As a result, your brand merchandise will be the most visible around. That surely gives you a strong edge over the other exhibitors in the competition. Does that not sound really cool?

Promotions247.com.au delivers these bags all across Australia and you can expect the fastest possible delivery too! So you get quality delivered quickly and also at your very own doorstep. Still got doubts? We provide amazing customer support too! All you need to do is ask us.

Want to know why promoting with Canvas Bags is cool? Check out here! December 11, 2015 20:00

The fact that retail and grocery stores have been taken over by the tote bag revolution is not without a very good reason. Canvas Tote Bags have gained immense popularity because of their ‘green’ nature. These do not harm the environment at all. Also, not only are Canvas Shopping Bags eco – friendly, they are reusable and durable too. They will stay with the customer for longer periods, compared to the plastic bags. So, why not give your walking adverts a new face. You can use canvas made bags as promotional takeaway bags at your store. This will not only fulfil all the purpose of plastic bags, but also cast you as an environmentally aware person. Canvas Bags Australia is the perfect solution to environmental problems. It is a step towards a better and healthier future. Also, it does not cost you a fortune to make the switch. You can buy Canvas Bags Wholesale for a decent expenditure and make your mark. Check out why canvas is better than plastic.

Canvas Bags Canvas Bags Australia       Canvas Tote Black With Bottom Only CAN-TT-BK-BTM

  • Environment and sustainability – The customer can carry a plastic bag back home only in a matter of few minutes, but the same plastic can take more than 400 years for decomposition. Also, during all this time, they cause irreparable damage like pollution of water bodies which can endanger species, etc. On the other hand, Canvas Tote Bags can serve as carry bags for various shopping trips. Also, these can be washed for the same new appearance. Additionally, these do not cause harm to nature.
  • Capacity for bearing load – Canvas as a fibre is stronger and hence, bags made from it are more suitable for carrying heavy items. Plastic bags on the other hands tear under strain. So, in case you need to carry lots of groceries, you must prefer Canvas Shopping Bags.
  • The F factor – Here it is fashion (not fear!). Canvas bags are not simply durable and robust carriers for your goods; they make a bold fashion statement as well! Let us face it. Those bright yellow and red plastic bags do not look better than stylish Canvas Bags. Also, you can have a complete collection of tote bags in different styles and those witty remarks. Every time you step out, carry a different one!

         Canvas Tote Bags                                           Canvas Shopping Bags

Buy Canvas Bags Australia at Promotions247.com.au

You can buy these eco – bags at decent rates and without compromising on quality. We are a one – stop station for all your promotional needs. These bags can be customised to suit your requirement. The printing will be of superior quality. What more do you need when you are getting a natural product for promotion purposes and that too at a price which is not over the top. Buy Canvas Bags Wholesale all over Australia. We deliver to your doorstep in Australia and you need to worry even a bit. At a decent price, you can get quality with a proud grin for being nature’s friend. Also, your products will be delivered at the earliest possible. We endeavour to provide the best customer service experience and answer all your queries to your satisfaction.

Green up your promotional activities with Cotton Bags! December 8, 2015 20:04

Plastic seems to be everywhere these days. From groceries to dresses and food, everything has a plastic bag to its name. But have you been noticing the slight switch? We all are aware of the fact that plastic is extremely harmful to the environment. And talking of harm to the environment, it is sinking already. With issues like pollution, global warming and the ozone hole, hovering over us, it is quite apparent that we do something about it. It is high time that environmental awareness be increased and we as responsible inhabitants of this planet save it from the impending doom. Cotton Bags Australia provides a long term solution to these issues. And trust us when we say, saving the Earth is not rocket science. Only simple measures need to be taken, some habits need to be changed and it should be borne in our hearts that it is our home and we have the responsibility of protecting it. Surely, there are some people who are already on the path, fighting against the odds, for conserving nature. It need not be a Nobel Prize winning action that you do. You can commit to several small changes. For instance, planting a single tree and taking care of it during your lifetime, stop using plastic bags for the various purposes and use eco - friendly Calico Bags instead. Yes, that’s quite simple.

Cotton Bags    Cotton Bags Australia          Cotton Bags Wholesale

When customers shop, we often hand them over a plastic bag for carrying their goods. A better alternative is offered by Cotton Bags Wholesale. Everything from a pocket sized chewing gum to a dress that can be folded is put into plastic bags so that the customer can easily carry it. But does this action of yours make you environmentally responsible? Not at all! Yes, we can argue that the plastic carry bags act as a walking advert too. But, the same can be accomplished by Calico Bags. In fact, simply give a thought to how long the plastic bag lasts. Or how often would people really read what is written on it? It goes straight into the trash bin once the customer is home. So there goes your advert! Cotton Bags Australia, on the other hand are environment friendly and also reusable. These can be washed and used several times. Also, they look more attractive and can boost up the number of people who notice your advert. Also, these will cast an image that you are environment conscious. You also need not spend too much on Cotton Bags. Calico Bags Wholesale are easily available and accessible.

Calico Bags   Calico Bags Wholesale   Calico Tote Bags

Buy Cotton Bags Wholesale at Promotion247.com.au

Procuring these eco promotion bags for decent prices is not very difficult. All you need to do is simply place an order with us. We deliver products all over Australia. You can buy good quality and customised Calico Bags Wholesale from us. Also, we deliver as fast as possible. Additionally, our customer support is always ready to help in case you have queries. You will be extremely satisfied with our bags when you get quality delivered quickly and at a decent cost.

Go green!

What is the importance of Jute Bags? November 27, 2015 19:18

Our world is growing smaller when we talk of the clean air that we are expected to breathe in. Nature is become ill with each passing day, due to the indescribable mishandling it is receiving from humans. Can we have a fresh beginning? Let’s move back to square one!  One suggestion that we have on beginning to care for nature, our mother, is the use of eco bags in the country. Try Jute Bags Australia!

Jute Bags       Jute Drawstring Pouch          Jute Bags Wholesale

You can buy Hessian Bags Wholesale. It is the easiest and cheapest way to care for Mother Nature. These bags are naturally green. Using them aims at helping the environment! These days, the bags are increasingly trending for shopping purposes, promotional giveaways, etc. in Australia. You can easily get promotional Jute Bags Wholesale at Promotions247.com.au. As people are realising how important caring for our environment is, they are beginning to find alternatives to all substances that harm it. If we talk about the most produced fabrics, jute stands only second to cotton. But, it is the most affordable fabric that can be purchased. Jute is a shiny, soft and long vegetable fibre, which can be processed to form strong and durable threads. Jute is an easy solution for the reduction of unnatural and wasteful materials.

Over the past few years, environmental awareness has increased considerably. Even the corporates have been striving to get the green badge. With this, they have begun including eco – products for promotions too. You can join the brigade at a decent cost with Jute Bags Wholesale. It will even create a better impression to your target clients. Not only are these buddies of our environment, they are reusable too. Also, due to their high durability, they last longer. They aren’t the one – time uses plastic bags which are nature’s foes. Also, if you use these for promotion, the client or customer can use them in any way they like. It can be used as a beach bag, for shopping purposes or even for putting in gifts for their friends. Also, they do not require much maintenance. That is surely cherry on the pie! Jute Bags are our perfect partners, as we take a long stride towards protecting nature and progressing towards development which is healthy for all.

Hessian Bags      Jute Bags Australia          Hessian Bags Wholesale

Buy Jute Bags Australia for promotion at Promotion247.com.au

You can buy Hessian Bags in different sizes and styles. Also, we provide options for customization, so that these bags suit your requirements well. You can buy customized Hessian Bags Wholesale to show your green side to clients and impress them. The bags we sell are of good quality and will never disappoint you. Also, we are here to serve customers and answer all queries. We deliver products Australia wide so, need not worry about picking up orders either. Also, these are available at the cheapest rates. The printing is of superior quality. Also, we try to deliver as fast as possible just for you!