Non Woven Tote Bags February 25, 2016 13:12

Say goodbye to plastic, embrace non woven tote bags for good!

We often talk about going green or caring for the environment in particular. However, when it comes to reality very few of us actually think about whether what we are doing is right. Take for example the grocery bags, a daily item of use that we work with. Have you ever given a thought exactly how many grocery bags have you put to use for carrying your personal stuff? If survey reports are taken into consideration, an average family pays visit to the grocery at least twice a week and hence 104 times in a course of 12 months. And guess what the best thing that people can actually do is to stock up groceries. Now, on an average, a family uses more than two grocery bags each time they visit the store. That would count the number of grocery bags usage to 208. Now, on a hypothetical level, that’s way too much plastic grocery bags which is all the way harmful to the environment. Thank God, there’s a worthy solution in the form of non-woven tote bags. That’s right, non-woven shopping bags are fast becoming green shopping bags which are being preferred by families from all over the country.

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In comparison to plastic grocery bags, non-woven pp bags are a great choice of option for the environment. A typical plastic bag has polyethylene as the main component which is more commonly known as ethylene monomers. The same has petroleum and gas as the chief source of extracts. Now, less than one percent of plastic bags are being recycled which makes the negligible contribution to the betterment of the surrounding environment and hence puts us one step behind in our commitment to go green. However, the situation is not that drastic as it sounds. There’s still a lot that we as common people can do by restoring to use of green shopping bags which are essentially non-woven tote bags.

If you have been looking for a worthy choice of option for a grocery bag that is recyclable, think no further ad embrace the usage of printed non-woven bags. It is not only a great alternative to regular plastic made grocery bags but also a great way of actually portraying to the entire society that you do care for the environment and are actually doing something about it. Getting a non-woven pp bag can also essentially be your first step towards greener living. Now, contrary to what many people still believe, going greener doesn’t mean that you have to do away with style. These days, non-woven  tote bags  comes printed in a range of colours and can be customized with the company logo or any motivating slogan that you might have seen already. Tote bags are not only a greener option to choose but also a trendy way to pick your groceries.

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And while we are only harping on the greener quotient, let’s not forget that a non-woven bags are also uniquely versatile to be out o use and are equally strong and durable as well. While in the case of a plastic bag the constant worry is the bottom falling out which is never an option with non-woven shopping bags.