10 Great Swag & Giveaway Ideas For Your Next Virtual Event

May 15, 2023 08:00

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In today's fast-paced and digital world, virtual events have become an increasingly popular way for companies and organisations to connect with their audiences. These online gatherings offer numerous benefits, including cost savings, global accessibility, and the ability to scale to accommodate varying audience sizes easily. As highlighted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), virtual events provide a convenient and flexible way for people to participate in events without needing travel or physical attendance.

"Swag and giveaways are crucial in elevating the overall virtual event experience. By offering unique and practical items, you engage your attendees and create lasting impressions of your brand. Remember, the key to successful virtual event management is to deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience for your guests, and the right swag can make all the difference," says virtual event management expert Shaun Stephens at Loghic Connect.

Let’s explore these ten fantastic swag and giveaway ideas for your next virtual event, ensuring your guests remain engaged and excited about your brand. 

1.  Computer Mouse and Mousepads

A promotional computer mouse and personalised mousepad are excellent giveaway ideas for a virtual event. Attendees can use these practical items daily, ensuring they remember your brand every time they use their computer. Consider branded mousepads and custom-printed mouse pads with your company logo to make these items more appealing.

2.  Headphones and Ear Buds

As most virtual event attendees join through their computers or mobile devices, custom-branded headphones and promotional earbuds serve as an excellent giveaway choice. They offer a practical and handy item for your guests while boosting your brand's visibility and recognition.

3.  Power Banks and Chargers

Everyone can use a little extra battery life for their devices, making promotional power banks and custom-printed chargers a fantastic swag item for your virtual event. You can customise these items with your brand logo, ensuring guests remember your company whenever they power up their devices.

4.  Wireless Chargers

Promotional wireless chargers become increasingly popular swag items as more devices become. They provide a convenient and practical way for attendees to charge their devices without cords. Customise these wireless phone chargers with your company logo; your guests will think of your brand whenever they charge their devices.

5.  USB Flash Drives

Custom-branded USB drives are practical and useful for storing and transferring files, making them a great giveaway for virtual events. You can customise these promotional USB flash drives with your company logo and even preload them with promotional materials or exclusive content for your event.

6.  Bluetooth Speakers

Promotional Bluetooth speakers make for a sought-after and adaptable giveaway item that can be enjoyed in various situations. Adorning custom-branded Bluetooth speakers with your brand logo guarantees that guests will associate your company with their favourite tunes whenever they use the speakers, leaving a lasting impression.

Coffee Mugs

7.  Coffee Mugs

Custom coffee mugs are a timeless giveaway choice that can be effortlessly personalised with your brand logo or event motif. Providing coffee mugs as swag for your virtual event is an excellent way to offer attendees a practical and valuable item they'll enjoy using every day, keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

8.  Polo Shirts

Custom polo shirts offer a fashionable and functional giveaway option that can be effortlessly personalised with your company logo or event theme. Including promotional custom polo shirts in your virtual event's swag items is an excellent way to leave attendees with a stylish and wearable memento of your brand.

9.  Drink Bottles

Keep refreshed fashionably with promotional drink bottles and bulk drink bottles. These items can be tailored with your company logo or event theme, offering a practical and valuable item that attendees will frequently use, keeping your brand in their daily routines.

10.  Caps

Custom caps present a playful and trendy swag option that can be effortlessly tailored with your company logo or event theme. Including promotional custom caps in the swag offerings for your virtual event is a fantastic way to leave attendees with a stylish and wearable keepsake that represents your brand.

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Offering swag and giveaways at your virtual event is a fantastic way to engage your guests, promote your brand, and create lasting impressions. By selecting practical and useful items, such as promotional tech items and corporate gadget gifts, you can ensure that your attendees will use and appreciate your giveaways long after the event. Remember to customise your swag items with your company logo or event theme to create a cohesive and memorable experience for your guests.

Promotions247 stands out as one of Australia's top importers of promotional products. We are dedicated to offering diverse, innovative promotional giveaway ideas online to enhance your brand's visibility among your organisation, business, clients, and potential customers.

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