Promotional Eco Laminated Bags


Eco-Friendly Laminated Bags for Marketing & Promotions 


Its time for businesses to go green if they want to stand top in the market with less investment and our promotional eco-friendly laminated bags are here for you to choose along with conveying an environmentally friendly message. Enviro bags offer versatile functionality and allow your logo or company name to take a prominent position, ensuring maximum exposure and convenience for recipients. These bags are crafted from economically sustainable materials, making them a source of pride for individuals embracing green living. With enviro bags, your brand can reach diverse audiences as they are used and carried in various situations, such as grocery shopping, personal shopping, picnicking, travelling, and carrying classroom materials.

Enviro bags are cost-effective and versatile, making them an excellent choice for promotional products. Regardless of the industry, brands can use these bags as standalone promotional items or as part of a larger environmentally friendly gift, effectively communicating a green message in a positive and practical manner.

Enviro bags can be customised to meet specific needs, with a wide range of styles and materials available. Choose from bags with single or dual handles, long cross body drops, zipper closures, or pockets to represent your brand in the desired manner. Screen printing is commonly employed to showcase branding on the front of each enviro bag, allowing for bold and vibrant representations. This printing method enables the application of small, medium, or large-sized logos or designs on bags of various styles and materials.

Environmentally Friendly Bags can be used by many businesses like a local farmer's market organizing a promotion at the beginning of their annual season, offering a branded cotton enviro bag with any purchase. The event turned out to be one of the market's most successful, and customers frequently returned throughout the season, proudly carrying their branded enviro bags. 

Shipping & Distribution

Enviro bags are lightweight and easy to pack, and we offer express shipping across Australia at wholesale prices and bulk quantity. Moreover, their portability allows for convenient hand distribution, further expanding your brand's reach.

Experience the power of eco-friendly bags in your marketing and promotional strategies. Choose enviro bags to showcase your brand while making a positive impact on the environment.