Reusable Eco Tote Shopping Bags


Eco/Enviro Bags are a fantastic promotional item aimed at anyone who is looking for a convenient way to carry all of their belongings around in one accessible location, but also be environmentally conscious while doing so!

Eco Bags are typically, reusable, durable, lightweight, and can be folded up to a very compact size. At Promotions247 we have a wide range of Eco Bags in a variety of styles so whether you're a large corporation looking for ecofriendly options or a small business wanting to move from plastic bags for your business, you'll find a bag that suits your needs and budget here.

Our eco-friendly bags are available in jute, cotton, canvas and Non-woven PP. Jute, Cotton canvas are natural fabrics made from plants, which are grown without the use of pesticides and also made in a natural way without any chemicals. 

Why go with us for your bags

  • We offer only high-quality and long-lasting bags for you.
  • We offer both local and offshore bags and suggest to you the right bags according to your requirement.
  • We offer expert assistance in custom designing your bags.
  • We deliver the best bags on time and under budget.
  • Our customer service representatives are friendly, helpful and trained with all information that you need.
  • Handling orders at the same personal level is what we do at promotions247 from order placed to delivered to you.

And many more reasons to choose us, contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about us.