Promotional Microfiber Cloths and Screen Cleaner


Custom Screen Cleaner: Branding Tool For Clear Visibility

Promotions247, a leading supplier of promotional products, brings you a range of affordable wholesale screen cleaners that can be used as your branding tool in your next branding event. Among several innovative products getting popular for business brandings, the screen cleaners have emerged as a useful and promising product that fits in quite a low budget. There are various types and sizes of the product to meet your unique needs and expand your brand’s visibility to a wider location creating new prospects for you.

Promotional custom printed microfiber cleaning cloth from Promotions247

With us, you can choose to buy microfiber lens cleaning cloth bulk, dual microfibre cleaning cloth, cleaning brush with screen roller, microfibre cloth key ring, 3-in-1 desk cube with earbuds and cleaning cloth, and many other innovative products.

Our stylus pen stand with cleaner can be customized on the body with your logo printed on it. The base provides microfibre as the screen cleaner.

The spotless screen cleaner cloth comes with the cleaning solution and the microfibre clothes for better cleaning of your laptop screen, mobile screen, or glasses.

The cleaning cloth and phone stand combo comes with a key tag and allows your phone to stand on the table with good back support. It is a highly useful and creative product that gets traction wherever used.

While most of the products can be customized with your brand logo on the body of the product, others allow customization on the pouches.

When can you present the microfibre cleaning cloth as a promotional product?

This is one such product that can be presented to anyone. Its high usability and handy nature make it perfect to be carried to any outdoor location where you are conducting any marketing campaign or event. It makes the perfect item to be included in any promotional kit, presented at expo events, trade shows, inaugurations, or annual days.

Also, you can place an order for glasses cleaning cloths wholesale to get them at the best rates. Once the product is finalized, give the customization instructions and get the final delivery meets your expectations.

To buy a bulk Screen Cleaning Kit, ask for a quote. Talk to us now and get the details