Promotional Custom Notepads


Custom Notepads, Australia For A Better Impression Of Your Brand

Notepads are highly useful and find their place with every company in every industry. The subtle branding that is done through customized notepads with logo cannot be underestimated. That is why it is crucial for you to go choose quality notepads that speak for you wherever it goes. We, at Promotions247, are very particular about designing and providing the best quality custom notepads to our clients across Australia for their better experience.

Our collection includes A5 promotional notepads bulk and A7 and A6 notepads with varying thicknesses. The length and width of the pads are also different and come in sizes like 7.4x10.5 cm, 10.5x14.8 cm, 7.9x7.7x1.2 cm, and more. A few more creative designs are available with magnetic memo notepads, magnetic house memo notepads, sticky notepads, and reflex notepads. You can also choose to go with eco notepads. 

Tips to use notepads for effective branding

Notepads, unlike, other promotional products are highly useful and used for writing. People note down important information on a notepad and keep the paper safe for future references. So, it can be a great tool for your branding activity and increase your visibility. Below are a few tips for your advantage.

  • Keep the customization consistent

Your logo, choice of color, and font create an image of your brand and this is how people perceive your name. so, be consistent in the choice of color scheme, font face, and logo design. People should be able to relate to and locate you if you are always consistent in your presentation.

  • Be creative with your customized notepad

Try something that others are not using. Creative designing of your notepad and its packaging can draw others’ attention significantly. Try out magnetic notepads that can be stuck to the fridge for reference anytime. Also, there are different shaped notepads like house-shaped, puppet-shaped, and more. Try out them.

  • Include notepad in promotional kits

No matter whether you are promoting your event with what product, you can include a customized notepad in every package as a part of a promotional kit. It will be used and would propagate your name for sure.

  • Use notepads and present them to others in the organization

Self-promotion is the most important thing to go with. Start using your notepads and encourage others in your organization to use the notepad while being on the desk. You can present to your people at the beginning of the new financial year or new year. New employees should also be presented with custom printed notepads with logo.

There are various reasons why having a stock of notepads can help you with your marketing or branding needs. So, place an order for wholesale custom printed notepads with logo and good savings on the bulk order.

We can provide customized notepad bulk with the best designing experience and assurance of timely delivery.

Let us know your requirement and we will suggest the best options for your needs. For more details, get in touch with us NOW!