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Promotional Tools And Tool Kits

No Of Products:74

Screwmagnet 115179

1h x 6.7d cm
From $6.65 To $7.21 | Min qty:50

Multifunction Tape Measure 109420

7.6w x 5.7h cm
From $4.26 To $4.78 | Min qty:150

Vernier Caliper 104642

21.5l x 7.3w x 0.6h cm
From $1.13 To $1.33 | Min qty:250

Mustang Multi Tool Key Ring 116112

6l x 2.9w x 2.5d cm
From $4.32 To $4.76 | Min qty:50

Multi Tool Card 116111

8.1l x 5.7w cm
From $1.94 To $2.10 | Min qty:100

Carabiner COB Light 116108

4.3w x 7.8h cm
From $3.42 To $3.75 | Min qty:50

Zodiac TSA Lock 116039

3.6w x 8.5h cm
From $8.89 To $10.01 | Min qty:50

Tri-Color Pen and Highlighter Set 113522

18.4w cm
From $7.44 To $8.75 | Min qty:100

Multi-Tool With Light 113495

10.5w x 4.4h cm
From $8.43 To $9.75 | Min qty:100

7-In-1 Multi-Function Tool 113494

9.5w x 3.2h cm
From $6.92 To $8.68 | Min qty:50

Stainless Steel Tape Measure 113492

4.4d cm
From $4.67 To $5.65 | Min qty:100

Transparent Tape-A-Matic 113491

5.1d cm
From $1.39 To $2.23 | Min qty:250

Swivel Torch Flashlight 113483

10.4h cm
From $5.24 To $5.77 | Min qty:150

Rubberized COB Light With Strap 113482

10.2h cm
From $4.25 To $5.06 | Min qty:100

Handheld Fan With LED Light 113472

1.9w x 11.4h cm
From $5.18 To $6.50 | Min qty:100

4-In-1 Waiter's Knife 113454

14w x 2.5h cm
From $5.65 To $6.46 | Min qty:100

Escape Safety Tool Car Charger 111618

8.3w x 2.6h cm
From $18.69 To $23.95 | Min qty:50

USB Touch Bendable Light 111610

18.5l x 1.6w cm
From $3.22 To $3.99 | Min qty:250

Rotary Barrel Screwdriver Set 111600

10w x 1.9h cm
From $3.90 To $4.69 | Min qty:100

3-In-1 Emergency Tool Set 111545

19w x 7h cm
From $12.18 To $13.78 | Min qty:50

Leather-Look Sewing and Manicure Kit 109641

7.6w x 14h cm
From $6.23 To $7.05 | Min qty:100

Basic Sewing Kit 109640

5.7w x 7.6h cm
From $1.47 To $2.24 | Min qty:250

Handy Deluxe Sewing Kit 109639

8.2w x 5.7h cm
From $3.53 To $4.34 | Min qty:100

Budget Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit 109638

3.8w x 7.6h cm
From $1.28 To $1.60 | Min qty:250

Promotional Tools & Tool Kit: A Useful Marketing Tool For Your Brand

Marketing can be fun if you go with the trend and utilize various products available at your end to promote your brand. The choice of cool products, which otherwise gets unnoticed, can fuel your marketing campaigns to bring some practical impact. The custom tool kits are one of those highly useful products that are widely preferred by businesses these days to speak of their brand. Presenting these tool kits to the right recipients including your employees, clients, customers, or prospects is a wonderful way of getting closer to them in their everyday life maximizing your brand exposure. 

Promo tool kits at Promotions247

At, Promotions247, we have assorted the best and trending collection of tool kits which are practical to use and can be used as a product for brand promotion effectively. The need of mini tools cannot be ruled out and people keep them at home or office to be used conveniently without the help of any professional. Our range of collection is also unique and impressive that will make you give a thought on having them as a choice for your next internal or external branding activity. A few of our popular products include,

Flashlights: Combo flashlights, LED glow stick flashlight, torch flashlight, light-up finger clackers packed in a custom-printed case.

Fun keyrings: Keyrings with light, multi-tool keyrings, etc

Handheld fan: This pocket-size handheld fan has LED light with high-speed blades.

Torch: Rubberized COB light with strap, USB touch bendable light, etc

Other products include multi-tool card, locks, screw magnets, pen and highlighter set, tape roller, measuring tape, 7-in-1 multi-function tool, LED zipper pull, safety tool with car charger, and many more interesting items.

How to use multi tool kit as a promotional product?

Right product at the right place can bring results effectively. If you choose tool kits and safety tools as your product for brand promotion, using them at appropriate places can do a lot for you in designing a visible brand presence. Here are a few ways you can use a promo tool kit for getting some measurable results.

  • Organize events and present to all the participants: You can organize an event in your organization calling outside participants and present custom-printed torches, multi-tool kits or other items to all.
  • Outdoor events, rallies, campaigns: If you are getting engaged in any outdoor activity, present these custom-made items as a giveaway to the visitors or participants.
  • Trade shows and exhibitions: Present these promo tool kits to visitors on your stall or location at any promotional event.
  • Give your employees: Encourage your employees with a token of love by presenting these kits to your existing or new employees on any occasion, event, or fun activity.

Where to buy personalised tool kit?

Tool kits are available in plenty of online and offline stores. At Promotions247, we just don’t make a catalog of products, rather we curate hand-picked items that are best in quality and cost. You can browse across our product range and discover how unique and innovative range of products are brought to your access which can be effectively used for brand promotion.

All the products are displayed with their images and complete product description. Their availability in different colors and sizes are also mentioned making it easier for you to choose your product. You can buy mini tool kit promotional online and save a lot with wholesale pricing.

Also, we offer our customers end-to-end branding solution by customization or personalization of the products. When you pick any one of these items, we take care of the customization process.

What’s next?

Your preparation for your next branding event is just a call away. Choose any product from our catalog and place an order for bulk promo tool kit online and rest will be taken care of by our team. We will get the products customized the way you want and deliver it on time so that you can run your event with full success.

Get in touch with us for more details. Call now!