Bulk Promotional Cotton Bags

Cotton or Calico bags are environment friendly, compostable and non-damaging to our planet. Cotton bags are perfect for schools, colleges libraries, nursery gifts, tradeshows, boutiques, cosmetics etc. Many have started using this as an alternative to plastic bags to reduce environmental damage. You will be able to be a part of the environmental movement by reducing the use of plastic bags and substituting them with eco-friendly cotton bags Australia.

We personalize and print in cotton bags with your own designs, shapes, style and colour. Customized promotional calico shopping bags will help you reach potential clients and customers easily by branding them and personalizing them with your company logo & information and tag line or message. They get re-used hundreds of times and act as a walking banner for you every time they are used. These reusable bags will help you build goodwill and foster deeper relationships with your customers by showing them that you care about protecting the environment.

We are proud that we can provide cheap calico bags to our customers all over Australia. Calico bags wholesale buyers should plan ahead so you can choose for factory direct pricing which is economical. Our cotton bags can be printed using screen print or heat transfer or digital print methods. Great Price, Quick Turnaround, Assured Quality, Full Flexibility.

Plant your eco message in your customers hands with these amazing eco-friendly promotional cotton bags and help keep Australia plastic free, green and beautiful by using our Calico Tote bags. Let's change our world - one bag at a time!