3 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Day With Hand Sanitizers

May 07, 2020 08:00

As rulers gave a thumbs down to the idea of herd immunity an effective way to combat COVID is by creating hand sanitising habits.

No death sentence, please! Finally, common sense has prevailed upon concepts like herd immunity with Scot Morrison himself coming out against the concept. Immunity enhancement has been on the rounds when the death toll mounts how the government can save lives.

The term ‘herd immunity,’ stands for combating corona with enhanced natural immunity. For example, instead of treatment, one should allow the COVID-19 to enter the body where the human immune system will fight the virus by developing its antibodies without the help of any treatment and as a result, the disease will get healed. Some medical theorists have been propagating this theory as there won’t be any vaccine to emerge shortly.

Secondly, there is also a chance that the virus may comeback even if it is cured and attack the body again. It can be true with the behaviour of virus and due to this some medical experts says, the best way to beat corona is through herd immunity where people should affect by corona and heal themselves.

One can find merit and demerit in this theory. While thinking about the merit, it is about developing a natural immune system to combat the virus. On the other hand, when we think about the demerit, how a man can survive the attack of COVID-19 and come out healed. There is a scope of defeat also. We all love our lives and none of us wants to risk our lives and when we see instances of people getting healed in a percentage like 21%, we hope we will be in the surviving category. Put it simply, we are okay with hospitalisation and cure as we are used to that.

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Common citizens also see what those who are in authority speak on it and follow them. It is at this stage a State man like Scott Morrison termed herd immunity as death sentences putting a full stop that Australia doesn’t accept the idea. That means we should look whatever feasible options like preventing the disease. For example, develop a habit like how to begin a day.

Scenario 1, Getting up in the bed

First of all, it is to create a clean hand. Last night we slept well and we don’t know how we made into contact without body fluids. In the earlier scenario, it was like simply getting up and have bed coffee even without washing our face or hands. Now that COVID has overhauled our lifestyle, we cannot remain so and we need a certain reformation in our habits. That is why exactly, we need to begin the day with washing our hands, face, and then mouth before having the cuppa. This is it; we have to create a habit of hand sanitizing to fight the pandemic. And that is why we need to find a hand sanitizer bulk supplier online to buy enough hand sanitizer.

Homes need to stock enough hand sanitisers because every day is important and we should not leave any day without a fight. And the best way to offer a good fight is with hand sanitizer. Do it.

Scenario 2 At the office

Let us think about another scenario. Old habits die hard. We were so used to work with our systems straightaway once we reach our office. The utility workers indeed wiped the computers and we don’t know how many companies use disinfectant to wipe the systems at the office. Anyway, there was no corona at that time and now the situation is different. Now we have a threat and one should take all precautions against the threat.

Today, most of us work from home and it is going to be a new normal to cut cost on office maintenance. Even if you work at the office due to relaxation in the lockdown like half of the headcount can work at an office with one-metre distance, the workforce should begin their day in office with a thorough hand cleaning with sanitisers. Because they touch the keyboard and no one knows who else has touched it knowingly or inadvertently, as a result,our systems become infection points. And offices should ensure that they buy bulk hand sanitiser along with other housekeeping essentials and make it available for the staff.

Secondly, organisations should make it a law in the employee contract that, ‘all staff should use hand sanitisers at the office to begin their day. This is to ensure that one should not spread the virus to others.’ Does it sound sensible? Implement it.

High time organisations consider COVID-19 kits as the best promotional gifts to encourage wellness among the staff. And in today’s context what is the best promo other than hand sanitisers that will protect one as well as others in a team to avoid infections.

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Scenario 3 At the kitchen

Why we should begin the day with hand sanitizer? We need to understand hands show our works and all our achievements are due to our hands. For example, a coder, a programmer, or a med practitioner; they all do various services with their hands and hands are the path to achievements. If that is the case then we should treat the hands well first from dust and then from germs. We begin the day with hand sanitizer because we want to ensure that our hands should not contaminate the food while preparation.

Those who work in the kitchen knows the importance of food safety from bacteria. Often the microorganisms reach the food through our hands. So, whosoever working in kitchen should ensure that the hands and squeaky clean and free from germs.

How can we achieve it? Just by beginning our days with hand sanitisers. Even for drinking a cuppa, we need to reach the kitchen and when we start our day with sanitisers, we ensure the germs are killed for the time being and we have successfully reduced the chance of food contamination. Practice it daily.

Often, we resist our enemy by not giving room to it. And in a fight against COVID-19, what else is more viable than hand sanitizers? So, buy hand sanitiser online in Australia

Author : Amit Ghia

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