5 Cooler Bag Ideas Only Handful Knows

Mar 23, 2020 08:00

Guess why the nation needs more lunch bags to fight Covid -19? 

There was a time when we use lunch boxes to save cost. I am not talking about this year 2020. But it was a scenario of five decades before where we don’t have much discretionary income that prompted some to carry their custom printed cooler bags.

It is a wonderful experience where one shares food with the other and maintain good relations with everyone. Let us consider that period as the 60s or 70s where there wasn’t too much consumerism as we see today.

On those days we could not see too many technological changes that we face now, as a result, we need to constantly upgrade many products and services. That is the reason many secrets associated with cooler bags are we don’t discuss much now. As a result, some uses are not amplified. But this year we need to bring cooler bags to the limelight due to coronavirus.

Our topic of discussion is uses of bags like custom insulated cooler bags. If I tell the use of cooler bag as a lunch box most of you will lose interest in it straightaway as people know cooler bags are for lunch. That is why I go great lengths to give you novel ideas.

Custom Printed Cooler Bags

Reduce Fuel Costs 

We live in corona season. At that time what happens to our social life. In most cases, it comes to a standstill. You know the difficulty of getting supplies during the time of corona fears. When you are locked in a city with a fewer chance to venture out, we need to think about keeping fuel costs low by cooking meals in the morning and use it for lunchtime. We may feel the use of a microwave oven to reheat the food. But microwave heating harms the flavour of the food and many don’t like excess heat of microwave heated food. 

In such a scenario what can be the ideal option. Yes, the right option is preserving part of the food in a lunch box and have it in the afternoon with the right flavour and taste. 

I am of the view that there will be a scramble for custom cooler bags Australia wide. The reason is they want to preserve the food and there will be a demand surge for bags catering to food preservation.

Address Baby Booming 

Next issue in the event of confinement is the chances of baby booming. In China, there is a threat like family life getting disrupted due to elongated time together by couples. What happens here is people become frustrated due to familiarity induced contempt leading to separation. The Chinese also find it challenging that more time together, coupled with frustration, depression leading to the increased physical relationship among couples. This leads to baby booming. 

Now the readers may be wondering how concepts like baby booming connected with promotional custom cooler bags Australia?

Mitigate Domestic Quarrel 

Yes, there is a link. When they spend quality time together, they develop disagreement on the food they consume. To understand this more clearly it is unlikely that the food husband like may not be interesting to wife. Secondly, there is little chance to go and eat food in hotels or restaurants due to the travel blocks imposed by the government. So, what will happen in the absence of unsatiated food cravings? The answer will be anger and frustration.

Let me be very clear. Many live for their belly although religion teaches the other way around. When our bellies are filled or our taste buds satisfied, we are happy and our forced stay in our homes may be like spending a honeymoon. But exactly the opposite happened.

Think it over. A man and wife in their young age spend quality time together and at least some will think in line with that. But the news we hear from China states couples are rattled by prolonged confinement in homes with little chance to venture out. They fought over many differences and want to move out of the marriage bond.

Fulfil Your Food Cravings 

Yes, the situation they face is nothing but a lack of satisfaction in the food they eat. For example, if one likes a snake dish, it is not available the reason being markets don’t get everything but mainly basic items like vegetables or meat. But there is also a scare in eating the meat due to fears like meat contains viruses.

So, the demand is for good food. Imagine a scenario where one member of the family cooks an item liked by the husband and preserved in a cooler bag, he can consume it in the afternoon also. That means, there should be one preparation for the husband and another for the wife, and third for the child. In the event, they consume the foods of their liking all will be happy. 

Custom Insulated Cooler Bags

Let me put it elaborately. Cook chilli chicken and preserve it for the afternoon and evening. Secondly, mushroom Manchurian for the wife and chilli pork for the child. All become happy and contented with the help of cooler bags. 

Meet Emergencies 

The bottom line here is we all need cooler bags for emergencies. So far, we haven’t come across its utility in a situation like a lockdown where people should keep more lunchboxes to consume their favourite delicacies.

We all know very well when our minds are depressed, we open a gateway to the enemy. It can be a virus or devil who attacks a person when discouraged. China has thrown up a lesson for all. The lesson is nothing but to have the food of one’s liking by using insulated cooler bags.

More Lunch Bags is the Way to Go 

Yes, the point of the matter here is taking adequate precautions. Masks are important, in the same way, cooler bags are also essential for the citizens. Therefore, the government and other stakeholders should include cooler bags in the list of essential items to combat coronavirus effectively. Fuels are pricey and there are chances we may not get it in abundance during emergencies. We need to consider reasons like lack of workers to produce fuel or gasoline. 


Author : Amit Ghia

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