5 Marketing Sinsto Avoid in Engraved Pens

Mar 26, 2020 08:00

Analyse your target audience and eliminate factors that fail your promos.

Companies while doing promos with engraved promotional pens have a feeling, they can create an impact. In one sense optimism is good but at the same time, one should see the workability of ideas due to many constraints.

Let us discuss them one by one. Before that, we need to meditate about what is the purpose of engraved pens so that we can understand certain follies in the marketing efforts of businesses. Over sometime businesses were inclined to liquidate their inventories with the help of certain giveaways and they were quite successful in that. But today due to paucity of ideas businesses find it difficult to kindle the imagination of their target audience with promo pens.

Pen of poor value turns off

Well, the point of the matter here is using outdated strategies to get results. First of all, the very purpose of promo pen is getting more customers onboard. As normal pens hardly create an impact, we use engraved ones to impress the customer. Here comes the sin like using a ballpoint pen for your marketing efforts.

You may have a question that what is wrong with ballpoint pens. Yes, we need to understand that people may not consider you when you give a pen of poor value. But you can overcome this by coupling gifts like a diary and a pen as giveaways when you meet them in an event. Try out.

Not helping the audience to feel their worth

People are value-based and it is not the pen that makes you successful. On the other hand, if you are giving a parker pen to your audience then it will create an impression in the audience. Now, you may be thinking how is it possible to offer a pen of higher value to a person and get ROI. Herein comes the wisdom of targeting a community head with the costly engraved pen. Add the bill also in the box to make him feel important or helping him to feel his worth.

If you want to get the result in your promotions, you should be careful about adding values to your gift. In these days, people are flooded with small gifts and they may not even remember who gave what. While giving a product like a parker pen, you are creating a way that makes a person feel. Another way is by providing custom engraved pens.

Engraved Pens

Not using the right fonts

Yes, you have a promo plan and you have confidence in it. But what normally happens is you simply go by the designer’s view while choosing the fonts. It makes sense that a fancy font looks good. But what is more important is the people should see the message and it should be easy to read.

What advertisers need to understand is beauty is one thing that createsthe first impression whereas message is another thing that calls them to act. You may ask a question about what is more important. The answer is both are important and success lies in combining a host of factors. It is at this stage the role of the unique font comes into the picture. Uniqueness is good what is more important is the readability of the font even from a one-meter distance. So, when you do promos ensure that you use readable fonts.

Giving appropriate engraving

Engravings play an important role in marketing. It varies from situation to situation. When you choose a black parker pen you should see what is the colour of the metal and research the right colour combination for the engraving fonts. To understand this more clearly, we need to do a study on colours, the psychological effect of the colour and try to find the colour preference of your client. As a few questions on his colour ideas and try to integrate them into your corporate gifts. You will get better results.

Colour impression is insightful. Today, we can see certifications in colour management. Therefore, it makes sense in choosing the right colour for your engravings. These research findings help you give a better product offer to your customer and create a sense of gratitude.

The point of the matter here is going deep into the psychology of your customer and exceed his expectations. Tailored expectations are one aspect and we can find detailed psychology on colour impressions. Take a few tips from the same and you will make an impact. So, next time when you search for engraved pens Australia bears in mind all these.

Not researching pen printing methods

While marketing pens it is also important to have an understanding of various printing methods. What marketers often do is just look for the engraving and not going deep into why, what, or how in engravings. You may find various options like screen printing, digital printing etc.

Engraved Pens Australia

Screen printings are highly recommended to make impressive writings in your pens. Screen printers use a squeegee to press the colour through the mesh and give a fine imprint to your pen. Therefore, it is ideal for personalising your message.

You can also have digital printing if you are providing pens in large numbers. This is applicable in scenarios like gifting the staff pens during an annual day where more numbers are required. This is ideal for big corporations like IBM, Commonwealth Bank in Australia. Virgin Atlantic is another company that can-do mass promotions during their in house events.

Final thoughts

We live in a word where people have unique worldviews on various topics. Pens are everyday use objects and are excellent marketing tools to promote your concept or brand. The success lies in combining various factors like engraving, colour combination, material of manufacture that will create an impact in the minds of customers.

Marketing becomes successful only when we micro manage ideas through research and going deep into the consumer psyche. When we do so, we avoid reduce errors in marketing and come out with excellent promotions. Ultimately, timely ideas give success in wars.


Author : Amit Ghia

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