6 Must-Have Features Of A Backpack

Jun 05, 2023 08:00

Backpacks are great choice for travelers and regular office-goers and there are many reasons for that. Backpacks have a spacious design and are easy to carry. Available in black and other shades, these backpacks never let you compromise style. Some companies also buy customized backpacks and use them for promotional purposes. However, before purchasing the backpacks, you should check their features.

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Features Of Backpacks

Features of Backpacks

Quality backpacks come with a range of features-

Thoughtful design

Whether you use the backpack in your work environment or for personal purposes, backpacks can be the perfect choice. With an amazing interior design and durable exterior, the backpack accommodates your notepads, papers, cables, and several other items.

Made from premium materials

Materials used for premium quality backpacks do not get damaged by weather elements. They have water-resistant zippers and durable fabrics to make the backpack long-lasting.

Comfortable to carry

The best backpacks have an ergonomic design. You will find padded shoulder straps, padded handles, chest straps, and many other features to give you comfort. Even though your backpack is loaded with items, you will not feel the strain. Some backpacks can also be gripped firmly by your hands.

Easy to pack- Spacious design

If the bag is spacious, you can easily keep your things organised. However, backpacks are available in various sizes. They come with multiple compartments to let you store different items. You can even find hidden pockets in some backpacks.


A weatherproof and waterproof backpack withstands high temperatures and heavy rain. Some bags also have rainproof covers and highly resilient waterproof zippers. The content in your backpack will be clean and dry. 

Better security

 You always like to keep your personal items secure. So, you can choose backpacks that have safe passport pockets and anti-theft pockets. Your valuable items and documents will be safe. Lockable zippers are common security features of backpacks.


Backpack Types- Differences In Features

Types of Backpacks

Depending on the type of backpack, you can find variations in the features of backpacks

Features of Rucksack

Rucksack is a unique style that is easily identifiable. While a traditional backpack has a zippered system for the main compartment, a rucksack has a flap and buckle design. You can secure your personal stuff with this flap and buckle. As a rucksack has a slightly looser fit, you may store several items. When you have an active lifestyle with lots of outdoor activities, you need a rucksack. These are available in canvas fabric, leather, and polyester and more such types. Mostly used in smaller sizes, you can find a few models in large size. However, for long journeys and for carrying more stuffs, you should prefer a zippered backpack.

Features of laptop backpack

It is another popular variant of backpacks and it is useful mostly for the working professionals and students. It has a spacious laptop compartment that lets you store you precious gadget. The best backpack ensures the ultimate security and protection to your laptops. However, the laptop’s size is the most important factor while choosing the laptop backpack. Professionals as well as people travelling with a laptop need laptop bag to keep their device safe while accommodating other products as well like document, diaries, and other stationery items.

 The wholesale backpacks Australia are available at a cheaper rate, and you can choose the laptop backpack for your employees. Get them customized with your brand logo and present to your people on various corporate events.

Features of frame backpack

When you are going to have a long backpacking trip, you can buy the frame backpack. This backpack model is slightly tall to give you space to accommodate your essentials. Hikers and backpackers like to choose this design. They are made of tough fabric and are suitable for outdoor usage as they can withstand the outdoor wear and tear.

The standard storage capacity of the frame backpack can be about 55L. Although the bag is big, it is highly portable due to the carrying straps.

Features of Tote backpack

You can find it to be an interesting style, as it combines the design of both backpack and tote bag. As it is a tote, the bag has a carrying handle. On the contrary, it is also a backpack, as it includes 2 ergonomic straps. The tote backpacks have high aesthetic and functional value. There are cheap backpacks online, and you will surely find the tote backpack model.

Compressional sack

While you are looking for an additional backpack, you may choose this model. The compressed model ensures a high storage capacity. You can make your adventurous trip more comfortable by carrying this backpack. Thus, you may buy it as your secondary backpack.

Features of suitcase backpack

Mostly, travelers like to invest in these bags. The compact size makes it easy for you to carry the backpack to any place. For a short flight journey, you can buy these backpacks. These bags also come with shoulder straps along with waist belts to give support to the heavy weight and offer ease of carrying.

Features of drawstring backpacks

A small backpack for your daily needs also comes with drawstring that provides ease of use. The drawstring can be pulled and tied to keep the stuffs inside safe. By widening the mouth, you can access your things easily and find them all. Usually, such bags have one big central compartment, in some designs, you can find an internal pouch with zipper on the side to keep your keys or money.

Where To Buy Backpacks?

You might be having different choices based on the backpack features, however, your destination to buy them is just one; Promotions247. Yes, this is where you would discover a wide variety of bags in different sizes, colors, styles and functionalities. Just checkout our collection of small, medium or large size backpack in different fabrics and place an order in bulk for wholesale rates. We also offer customization of backpacks as per your promotional needs. So, get your company’s name or logo printed on the bags and advertise your brand far and wide. We deliver free of cost across Australia including locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast etc. 


Backpacks are versatile bags with functional features. Most backpacks have a sturdy design, and you can personalize them by printing your brand name on them. Buy backpacks in bulk to have them at an affordable price. The best online stores have a collection of high-quality backpacks of different sizes.


Author : Amit Ghia

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