Non Woven Bags: The new statement in promotion!

Dec 15, 2015 08:00

Promotional bags in vibrant hues made using the non – woven fabric are an amazingly popular choice when it comes to events, trade shows, expos and conferences. Whoever receives them will be delighted with the strength of these bags, as well as the fact that they are reusable. Also, as a buyer you will appreciate the low prices at which Non Woven Bags Australia are available, with the beautiful finish. These can also be customised with your branding and logo.

So, what is the non – woven fabric? This is a synthetic, man – made fabric, which is predominantly derived from plastic and indirectly, petroleum too. Compared to the traditional cotton fabric, these Non Woven Bags have higher rigidness. This certainly makes them a popular choice in business, because of the fact, that they will create a nice finish and neat look by retaining their shape. Also, unlike the closest comparable product, the cotton calico bags, these Green Bags are available in a variety of different hues and not just the natural finish.

Non Woven Bags Australia         Non Woven Bags Wholesale


You can get Non Woven Bags Direct Australia at wholesale prices, from You will have some different options and can also get the bags customised. You will get quality printing done to brand the non – woven bags. These are made using the best quality fabric. The maintenance of quality makes them decently durable and also extremely suitable, especially when you are on a lookout for bags which will retain their shapes and won’t stretch or strain too much when being used. Some vendors also supply an inferior quality of Non Woven Bags Australia. The fabric they use stretches easily with less content in it.

Non - Woven Tote Bags for the environmentally conscious promoters!

Non – woven bags are considered by many as the green bags. The reason for this is that they can be reused and this particular property reflects their kindness to nature. Non Woven Bags Direct   Australia are earth friendly and promoting a version of these is and extremely considerable gesture towards the planet. Additionally, they are available in varied sizes, which are manufactured by using a high percentage of materials which are recyclable.

Non Woven Bags Direct            Non Woven Tote Bags

How about the ambush bags?

Ambush bag is basically a simple concept which has been lately gaining popularity. This concept refers to purchasing of the largest size of Non Woven Tote Bags by your company or organization, for any upcoming conferences, expos or trade shows. The basic intention behind this notion is that the people having your bag will probably use it to carry all the other bags that may have been provided by the other vendors. As a result, your brand merchandise will be the most visible around. That surely gives you a strong edge over the other exhibitors in the competition. Does that not sound really cool?

Author : Amit Ghia

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