A Guide To Choosing The Right-Size Coffee Cup For Your Personal Or Gifting Needs

Jul 21, 2022 08:00

The smell and flavour of freshly brewed coffee can remove stress from your mind. You can get ready for your everyday work by sipping a cup of hot coffee. So, isn’t it good to please your employees with promotional reusable coffee cups? They will use your cups daily and feel proud when they find your brand name on the cup’s surface. There are plenty of coffee cups available in different shapes, sizes and creative designs. The choice depends on why you are purchasing them or the purpose and your budget. Apart from the design of the mugs, the size also is a big factor while picking anyone of them.

So, the question is- Which is the perfect size for your coffee cups? A brief will enable you to buy the right cups and mugs to drink coffee and other beverages. 

To select the cup size, you have to decide on the drink that you enjoy every day. Is it a foamy latte or a shot of espresso? Do you need to travel a lot? Do you need something handy and safe to use during your daily drives? Several factors can affect your decision on choosing the coffee cup size. So, let us discuss these factors one by one and filter down your options.

Promotional Reusable Coffee Cups

Standard cups for drinking coffee

A regular cup is available in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 10 oz. You can fill the cup with your caffeine-rich drink. However, some caffeine enthusiasts like to invest in 15 oz cups. Thus, you can select the size based on your needs.

Espresso cups- Also known as the demitasse-

These cups have a small handle, and you can enjoy your specialty coffee with these cups. For instance, take a sip of vanilla oat milk latte from these cups. The size of espresso cups is 2 to 3 oz. But, how do you identify these cups? They have a wider rim and a narrower base. This special design concentrates the espresso flavour. 

Cappuccino cups-

These cups are bigger than espresso cups. There should be an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk to prepare cappuccino. You can also buy a matching plate and use it with your cappuccino mug. One similarity between the espresso and cappuccino cups is that both have a narrower base. 

Latte cups-

A latte cup resembles the shape of a bowl, and its capacity ranges from 11 to 15 oz. It is the right choice for those who love a latte, plant-based milk, and coffee flavours. As the cup is wide, you can easily pour the hot milk into it to prepare the beverage. You can buy these latte cups from the bulk cups suppliers. These cups are customisable, and you can add an image to the cup for personalisation.

Oversized coffee cups and mugs-

With oversized drinkware, you can show your creativity. You can choose the printed cups as the best custom promo products.

The classic-style oversized mugs can hold more than 20oz of coffee. There is also an oversized latte cup to drink your favourite beverage on a special day. You may also pour your beer into these cups and couple them with a plate of snacks. Some consumers use these cups for dessert and soup.

Place an order for printed coffee cups wholesale and buy them at the most reasonable price.

Here are some designs for you that are available in plain or single colours as well as in printed designs. They can easily be customized with your business logo. The strong build in bone china and ceramic gives them the most elegant look. Checkout the design and cost right now!

Over-sized plain coffee mugs

Before placing any order, check the customer reviews on the page! 

More about your travel coffee cups and mugs-

You cannot spend a day without drinking a cup of hot coffee. Thus, while travelling somewhere, you can carry a travel mug. Buy an insulated travel mug that keeps your beverage cold and hot. As they have a lid, there is no risk of spills.

Printed Coffee Cups Wholesale

The capacity of the travel mug can range from around 15 to 20oz. The cup holder in your car can easily accommodate the mug. Personalise the mugs with some adorable photos, quotes, and other details. A coffee mug with a lid is the ideal gift for every coffee lover. The lid protects against spillage if you prefer to travel with your coffee in hand.

Discover a huge range of travel coffee mugs that can easily be customized with your company logo. They are available in broad bottom to sleek and tall mugs with lid.

Some travel mugs are available with an integrated handle. However, they are the larger versions of coffee mugs. You can customise them with a collage of some photos.

Buy travel coffee mugs now! 

Coffee cups are made from a range of materials. The safest choice for you is the ceramic cup and mug. The baking process ensures that there is no poisonous agent seeped into your beverage. So, you can invest in branded ceramic cups, which ensure the best quality. 

Ceramic mugs are just a treat to the eyes. Their availability in plenty of designs ensure that it meets the unique needs of each type of user. From small base to broad base and from single color to multiple color collection, you would find them just in any style and design. For gifting purposes, the two-tone mugs are quite in trend as they look same from outside, but the inside color of the mug differs from others.

Checkout a wide selection of ceramic or porcelain coffee mugs at highly attractive prices. 

In fact, coffee cups are the best gifts on any occasion. Regardless of the age of the recipient, the cup can grab the attention of the recipient. Purchase the most attractive and durable coffee cups as promotional giveaways. At Promotions247, we are offering screen-printing services as well so that your products get customized with your business logo and you receive the final shipment ready to be gifted.

We are serving a number of clients across Australia and offer free doorstep delivery. So, order now and get huge discounts on bulk order!

Author : Amit Ghia

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