Are All The Sanitizers Safe And Effective? Things You Must Know

Dec 04, 2020 08:00

Most of us have a habit of washing our hands with water and soap. However, this soapy solution only removes the visible dirt from our hands. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, we have learned that hand sanitisers are the right alternatives to kill bacteria, virus, and germs in our hands. Moreover, with this widespread contagion, you need to disinfect your hands frequently even at place where there is no accessibility of water. In such situations, the sanitizers come handy. People of all ages carry sanitizers these days so that they can sanitize their hands frequently and keep safe from the viral spread of infection.

Nowadays, several businesses and organizations have also invested in hand sanitiser wholesale package to offer these useful products to their customers and employees. This high demand has flooded the market with sanitizers of various types in different attractive packaging. Still, the question is- Do all sanitisers work effectively? How safe are they for our regular use? We must be aware of these facts so that we can choose the right product that really helps in keeping us safe from the infection.


Where To Buy Hand Sanitizer Australia


The best formula of hand sanitisers-

You know that hand sanitisers are of different types. Thus, you have to take time to pick the safest for your needs. It is essential to check out the label on the sanitiser package. The best sanitiser has a combination of 60 to 70% ethyl alcohol. According to FDA guidelines, it is the most effective formula for sanitiser.

Sanitisers containing methyl alcohol are not the right choice for you. Methyl alcohol is a harmful constituent, and in some cases, unethical producers use this component for their products. Similarly, 1-propanol alcohol is also detrimental to our health.

Non-alcohol-based sanitisers and sanitisers with low alcohol will not work best to kill deadly virus. Even the organizations buying bulk hand sanitizers for their employees should check for these facts and buy products only from registered suppliers.

Way to use your sanitiser to increase its effectiveness-

To get the optimal value from using sanitisers, you have to know the proper way of using them.

  • Put a few drops of liquid sanitizer to one of your palms. With this small amount, you can cover your fingers and hands.
  • Start rubbing your hands together for 20 seconds to make them feel dry.
  • Never rinse your sanitizer before it becomes dry.
  • Do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose after using the hand sanitizer. You may feel irritation.
  • After every 3 to 4 use of hand sanitizers, you should wash your hands with soap water.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable. That is why you must not use themwhile cooking and dealing with fire.

When you buy custom hand sanitisers as the unique corporate gifts for your employees, you must give them these instructions. A product that goes with the right instruction of its usage is usually more effective in building rapport with the users.

Right time for using sanitisers-

You can use alcohol-based hand sanitisers when your hands have no grease and visible dirt. When you have no soapy solution readily available, you may choose these sanitisers.

Other situations when you must use sanitisers-

  • After coughing and sneezing
  • After returning home from office and any public place
  • At ATMs, banks, and clinics.
  • After receiving cash and papers from others 

DIY sanitisers are not effective-

Some of us like to know where to buy hand sanitiser Australia.  You may find several homemade sanitisers in both online and offline stores. However, those ordinary sanitisers are not clinically proven products. Although they are low-priced solutions for you, they have no potential to kill germs. That is why you can look for branded products to get the best result. 

Custom Printed Wet Wipes

Buy hand sanitizers online

There are trusted suppliers of wholesale sanitizers who not only offer the products in different designs and makes but also make sure that you get high-quality products. You can search for the sanitizers and select your preferred size and packing. There are many innovative designs these days and if you are buying for bulk corporate gifting, then designs are plenty. A few sanitizer bottles are shaped like pens, pocket-size sanitizers, bottles with hooks and straps that can be hanged across the belt. A few bottles will fit well in your pocket also.

You may also purchase a package of custom printed wet wipes and hand sanitisers for your employees and customers. In this pandemic situation, these custom gifts will be the perfect choice to promote your business. They will meet the most basic need of current time which is prevention from infection. It will also help you build your reputation and earn loyalty among your people and prospects.

Find high-quality hand sanitizers and get them customized with your business logo for bulk corporate gifting.

Author : Amit Ghia

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