Are Promotional Pens Really Good For Branding?

Jan 16, 2020 08:00

Marketers or business owners, while spending budget on any promotional item, consider a lot of factors that concern their brand image, investment and the returns. The market is flooded with a number of big and small promotional products for various types of recipients, customers, employees, guests, clients and the like. One of the most popular items is the pen which has been in the promotional industry for ages. While you plan to choose a pen to promote your brand, you should be aware and confident enough with all the benefits, information, pros and cons of using a pen as your brand ambassador. When you are totally convinced, you can choose to buy wholesale promotional pens and continue with your marketing activity with more conviction.

Pen: An all-time hit promotional product

Designed from durable modern polymers, the promotional pen offers a unique platform to broadcast commercial messages, brand images, and business logos. The shape and universal utility value of these writing instruments make them ideal for business promotions. In addition, modern inks inside the functional mechanisms of such pens appeal to the sensibilities of all users, while the low unit costs of such devices makes them perfect for promoting a sponsor brand. Nevertheless, these days, the pens are also available with bamboo or wood body which makes them look exclusive and impresses the receiver a lot. Businesses of varying budget find an opportunity to buy a pen in their limit and use them to promote their brand. From low cost plastic pens to embellished metal pens in cases, you find just the right item within your budget. The effectiveness is the same.

Promotional Pens Wholesale

Pens allow different forms of Customization

Sets of wholesale promotional pens can be custom designed to include a variety of graphics, colors, and brand images. They are beautifully depicted on the body of the pen with laser ink, no matter what the body of the pens is made of. This stance allows the objects to gain quick traction in the eyes of consumers, thereby promoting various branded messages in the public domain. Customization also allows these pens to create a unique visual image that spotlights the sponsor brand. Always remember, the visual presentation of a thing is difficult to forget and creates lasting impression in the mind of the users even in the long term. Businesses can source these customized products in bulk from specialist manufacturers, and give away the pens as gifts to valued customers.

Matchless branding Opportunities

In the pockets of the average user, promotional writing instruments represent a wide swathe of branding opportunities. Marketing professionals can utilize such a technique to spread public awareness of a brand across multiple geographies and dispersed markets. The high level of visibility of such pens in the hands of modern users also validates the idea of promoting a brand through pens. Therefore, modern businesses must consider sourcing promotional pens wholesale as a modern marketing tactic designed to promote a brand in crowded markets. Moreover, this is one such product that fits across any segment of the consumers from kids to adults and seniors. From funky looking pens to classy and descent one, there is a product ready for all the varying needs and tastes.

Such a proposition allows business operators to access the higher levels of a client's corporate hierarchy and present superb promotional gifts to chief executives. These promotional gifts can enable higher levels of business collaboration, thereby lubricating the wheels of modern commerce in different geographies.

Big list of Manufacturers

A small business operator can order wholesale promotional pens online Australia from a wide range of specialist manufacturers. Reasonable budgets can help the operator acquire a bulk set of such pens emblazoned with logos and graphics, and shod in interesting colors that catch the eyes of consumers. You need to compromise with your needs or the quality of the pen owing to a low budget availability. With many online suppliers of promotional pens, Australia, you have the option to shift from one seller to another, compare the cost and choose the one that fits your criteria. Such promotional items offer a long shelf life, thereby guaranteeing economies of scale to underline such a business decision.

Suppliers with versatile Offerings

An average promotional products wholesale supplier can print a variety of brand images and logos for the interested customer. The forms of printing include high-quality laser printing technologies, as also low tech screen printing and engraving techniques that create a definitive image of the logo or brand name on the plastic bodies of such pens. In addition, the composition and body colors of promotional pens can differ in tune with the preferences of bulk buyers. Therefore, sponsors must have a clear image of the final promotional product prior to opening negotiations with product suppliers. If you are good at dealing with the supplier, you can even get customization at the same cost without paying extra for them.

Wholesale Promotional Pens

Designs galore

Sleek product silhouettes, as also crafted muscular shapes, help to heighten the product appeal of promotional pens. Therefore, business buyers of promotional pens can collaborate with designers and suppliers to arrive at a unique product profile that boosts the appeal of such products. Interesting patterns and bold lettering can spotlight brand imagery, thereby encasing a unique commercial product that projects a branded message. Notably, advances in software and hardware packages are enabling manufacturers to offer higher levels of choice in the design and creation of promotional pens.

A few common pens that you can prefer to promote your brand include:

  • Plastic pens
  • Metal pens
  • Wooden pens
  • Pens with stylus
  • Pens with highlighter
  • Pens with flash light
  • Pens with a drive
  • Pen set in a designer case 

Useful, handy, and superb quality pens

Pens are highly useful product and handy enough to be carried to any location. Even at home, outside, in office, or while travelling, a pen is used easily gaining attention of all around the user. The value it adds to your marketing campaign and the results it give is recurring and quite large compare to the money invested. Buyers that have access to bigger budgets can commission manufacturers to design and create wholesale promotional products branded with their business logos. 


Author : Amit Ghia

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