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Mar 22, 2018 08:00

Backpack 101: Know the Bag You’re Carrying On

Ideally, it is appreciated when something or someone takes the weight off your shoulders. But when it comes to traveling, what is more relief worthy than having your hands free and everything on your back in a perfectly worry-free way. The uses of backpacks are not just limited to school and hiking; there is much different kind of backpacks which you can get your shoulders on. Nowadays, custom backpacks are also a thing which means that a bag is not a bag; it is a representation of the personality and likes of the person.

Distinct kinds of backpacks you must know

Designed to fit the occasions like road trips, trekking, camping and more these are the backpacks that are durable for heavyweights. Not only can these carry loads, but they are also wearing are tear resistant for a longer period. These backpacks are also water resistant and come with soft shoulder and back pads to make it comfortable to carry around for long hours. All your travel essentials including toiletries travel gear, clothes according to weather, food and everything else magically fits in on the backpack. Custom backpacks can be made for hiking to keep track of your belongings; you can get your initials, name, any quote you like and other things.

Do you commute on a cycle or bike? Then these backpacks are perfect for you. The benefits of these backpacks are that they are lightweight, compact and have zip closure. These bags have comfortable shoulder pads and are made of a water-resistant material to keep your belongings safe. Looking for ways to make a custom backpack here? Well, some websites can take custom designs from you and print them on your bag.


These are the saviors on your face of regular work commute, especially on public transport services. These backpacks are very handy and normally come in square to rectangle shapes. The features of these backpacks are a lot of pockets to arrange your files and folder and a laptop compartment that goes up to carry a 15.6 inches laptop. Custom backpack accessories are available to liven up your work luggage; this gives you strength to bust the work blues.

This kind is the origin of every other kind of backpack. They have perfect compartments to store your textbooks and notebooks, lunch, stationery, water and more. You can choose from colorful backpacks with cartoons and also sleek leather ones that spell out classy.

When talking on custom backpacks, these are the epitome of customized backpacks. Starting from your favorite TV show, movie, singer to video games there is a lot of customization available for these backpacks. Even the kinds are varied; you can choose from a backpack with drawstrings to zip closure to Velcro and more.

Custom backpacks are not entirely a new trend; it is more of a renaissance of the hipster 70s which took out the wave of customizing your belongings. These backpacks can be customized either with digital prints or with travel accessories like bag tags, key chains and more.


Author : Amit Ghia

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