Backpacks: A Complete Guide And History And Types & Features

Dec 01, 2022 08:00

Backpacks are one of the commonly chosen bag styles with a sturdy and spacious design. Available in black and other attractive colours, backpacks have become a popular choice for office-goers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and school students. However, you can find a difference in backpack size and designs. Nowadays, companies invest in backpacks as corporate gifts for their employees. So, let us know more about backpacks. 


  • A Brief History Of Backpack
  • Features Of Backpacks 
  • Types Of Backpacks
  • How To Find The Best Backpacks
  • Buying Tips For Backpacks
  • Choose Backpacks As Your Promotional Gifts
  • High-Quality Bags Online
  • Conclusion

A Brief History Of Backpacks:

Gerry Outdoors was the first to design the zippered backpack in 1938. At that time, backpacks were primarily used for camping, hiking, and alpine recreation. Kids used to prefer leather and canvas bags that had single straps. These bags were designed as miniature briefcases. Some students were familiar with the square leather bags for carrying books. However, those bags were not much ergonomic. Students had to carry them by hand.

In due course, there was an emergence of a lightweight nylon daypack. It became popular among outdoor activity lovers within a short period.

Again, consumers felt the need for sleeker and smaller bags with multiple compartments for smartphones and laptops. Thus, backpack designers started rethinking bag designs. Gradually, backpacks have gained the attention of office-goers, hikers, military personnel, and several other types of consumers. 

Features Of Backpack:  

Backpack is a high utility item. If you don’t consider the features, you might end-up picking a bag that fails in its purpose. Especially if you are buying the bags for travel or for gym, you must consider a few useful features a backpack must have.

Without these basic features, your promotional gym bags or other bags will not be useful. 

  • The sturdiness of the backpack:  How often will the bag be used? Do you need to use the backpack in rough conditions? You must assess the durability of the material. 
  • The number of compartments and zippers:  Most commonly, gym backpacks have a couple of compartments. There must be a separate space to store toiletries, shoes, and laptops. The utility of backpacks multiplies significantly when users plan the packaging of small items inside external pockets secured by zippers built into backpacks. This is a significant form of innovation in terms of configuring spaces inside laptop backpack Australia. A range of small items such as wallets, identity cards, folding maps, bunches of keys, measuring tapes, pocket watches, caps, and coin bags can fit comfortably inside external pockets. Such a stance helps users and travelers to build a level of certainty and organization into their travels and voyages across landscapes. 
  • Protection: Although the wholesale gym bagsare made from high-quality fabrics, they should have strong zips to protect your essentials from the weather elements.
  • Bag design: What types of fabrics and colours do you prefer? Colour is important, as you like to buy a gym bag with custom logo. Make sure that the backpack colour makes the logo prominent.
  • Packing style: Over-packing is a common mistake of backpack users. However, some users love minimalism while packing the bag. You can decide on your backpack size based on this packing style.
  • Ventilation: You may need to put your sweaty clothing into your bag. That is why ventilated backpacks made from breathable materials can be a perfect choice. Moisture will evaporate faster, and the bag will remain odour-free.

Types Of Backpack: 

Backpacks can be categorized based on many factors. Their materials, designs, and utility, are a few of these factors. There could be waterproof nylon backpacks or canvas, denim, or cloth backpacks as well. However, the purpose or the use of a bag is one of the defining factors while selecting them. So, based on the purpose, backpacks can be categorized in different ways-

Corporate Backpacks

Workers and associates that commute daily to corporate offices have adopted the backpack as part of their daily gear. In response to this trend, manufacturers have brought to market a selection of quality backpacks that offer organized spaces that secure laptop computers, water bottles, paper notebooks, smartphones, battery packs, wallets, identification cards, etc. Some editions of such products can be termed as promotional backpacks owing to sponsored graphics emblazoned on the wide surfaces of such products. However, commercial manufacturers and wholesale corporate backpack suppliers are working to raise product quality and functionality of corporate backpacks; hence, such backpacks can command premium prices, and in return offer durability, style, and comfortable carriage to buyers and carriers of such products.

Casual Backpacks

School-going children and college students represent the maximum number of users of casual backpacks. These structured bags can appear in the form of custom printed backpacks that feature mixed colors, interesting graphics, a variety of carriage capacities, product imagery, cartoon shapes, etc. In addition, designers are bringing dual-tone backpacks to market in a bid to attract the attentions of mature buyers. The different panels of such backpacks must endure the rigors of daily use by a variety of customers; in response, manufacturers have reinforced the seams of such products. Further, casual backpacks can withstand washing, thereby extending the shelf life of such products.

Travel Backpacks

This category of products includes a wide range of baggage systems designed specifically for the modern traveller. The most visible profile of such products includes elongated shapes that are known as rucksacks. These products are engineered to offer different compartments for storing a traveller’s clothing items, small tents, sleeping bags, books, cooking vessels, emergency rations, phones and compass, etc. Certain lines of such products emerge as custom printed promotional items that project corporate signage. High quality travel backpacks appear in a range of tones and colors designed to attract the attention of modern travellers.

How To Find The Best Backpacks:

Consider a few factors to buy your backpack.

Identify the way of using the bag

The workout backpack’s functionality can vary with the way you use the bag.

Do you use public transport to go to the gym club? Is it a local gym club within walking distance?

It is safe to buy backpacks with more pockets and padding in their straps. Front pockets make the wallets and keys accessible. The larger gym bags are the right choice for those who need to travel with gym clothes and toiletries.

You may also like to use your gym bags while going to your office. In this case, you can choose professional-looking gym bags.

While buying wholesale gym bags, you must focus on these factors. 

Pick the backpack of the right size

There are multiple ways to assess the backpack size. While some consumers measure volume, others check the dimensions. To measure dimensions, you need to know the depth, height, and width of your backpack. The average size of the adults’ backpacks is about 53 cm.

To decide on the volume, you need to identify the items that are to be packed. The most common items are mobile chargers, toiletries, shoes, and a laptop. Manufacturers mention the litres that indicate the volume of the bag.

A medium-sized gym bag with custom logo is almost 30 to 40 litres. They can easily accommodate your bottle, sneakers, clothes, fitness gloves, and other small kits.

But, to use the gym backpack for hiking and travelling purposes, it is better to buy a 50-litre bag. It will easily hold almost any item.

Fabrics used for the bag:

The most common fabrics for backpacks are

  • Water-resistant and durable polyester
  • Biodegradable and highly resilient leather that always has an aesthetic look
  • Easy to clean canvas available at a cost-effective rate
  • Nylon backpacks- Not much durable- Found in a range of styles and colours.
  • Lightweight and breathable neoprene bags
  • Stylish, sustainable, and affordable vinyl backpacks. 

Thus, you can choose backpacks of any of these fabrics.

Buying Tips For Backpacks:  

Consumers use backpacks for different purposes. So, you need to identify your purpose before buying them-

Backpacks for the Workplace

This remains the most common use of modern backpacks wherein, people carry electronic devices such as laptop computers, tablet devices, smartphones, charger devices, writing material, pens, identity cards, wallets, etc. Manufacturers typically organize the space inside personalized backpack into slots and compartments that ease the placements of these products. However, users can survey available space to make adjustments per their individual requirements.

Boxy Backpacks for Food Delivery

Custom backpacks designed for specific functions help carry edible items (packaged for delivery) to customer locations. Typically, such carriage products have in-built compartments to stabilize packages of food products. This allows the backpack to serve as a means of livelihood for the delivery person. Interesting shapes typify such backpacks, based primarily on the configurations of carriage space. However, users can re-configure the spaces in tune with the demands of delivering custom food packets to various locations.

Large Backpacks for Hiking Tours

Hikers and distance travelers can find the best uses for backpacks Australia. These versions of the modern carriage device are typically unstructured, thereby offering users opportunities to creatively use the considerable spaces inside the backpacks. The items of carriage can include pieces of light and warm clothing, tins of canned food, bottles of beverages, sleeping bags, books and electronic devices, footwear, etc. These backpacks, also known as rucksacks, are engineered with tough materials that can endure rough usage.

Backpack styles are not limited only to these 3 options. You can visit an online store to find several other backpack models.

Choose Backpacks As Your Promotional Gifts:

As seen personalised backpacks Australia is the most essential thing required when you plan to keep your things safe either in outdoor camping or in the office as well. You can get an ideal backpack designed keeping in mind the needs of trekkers. A personalized backpack will suit the need of trekkers and work in your favour by promoting your business. You can design a personalize backpack for trekkers and put the name of your business and logo. This way the fellow trekkers and the other people on way will notice your business. This is one of the best ways to bring your business in the eyes of numerous people. Always remember to design a unique and good quality backpack that can impress the trekkers. If they like your product, they will further refer to their friends and this way the business will further get exposure.

For office going people as well, you can present a personalized laptop backpack. It will help in internal branding and building a great brand image inside and outside your organization. Having the confidence of your own people is quite important to spread the word about your company outside.

Promoting a business through backpack has become the most important part of business promotion these days. In this regard, sports backpacks Australia and laptop backpack Australia are the most common and preferred modes. You can present this bag during any corporate event or specific advertising drive. Choose a right supplier and get the product delivered on time.

You may have thought of buying a few drawstring printed bags for your tradeshow gifts. However, there is always a large number of attendees of tradeshows and corporate events. You do not know how many potential customers and business partners will attend the show. Thus, it is better to buy a bulk pack of promotional gifts. You can make sure that every attendee at the tradeshow has received the gift. You may retain your positive image by offering promotional giveaways at the event.

High-Quality Backpacks Online:

Promotions247 brings for a huge collection of high-quality backpacks that are just the right choice for your personal or business needs. If you are looking for the most useful corporate gift, here is it offering a great experience to your employees every time they use it. We can help you with great customization ideas and get your bags printed with the company’s logo or text. Also, avail huge discount or wholesale rates on bulk order along with free doorstep delivery.


Backpacks are one of the best personalised gifts for customers and employees. Made of canvas, nylon, and other durable fabrics, backpacks have become a highly functional bag style. For corporate gifting, you can place a bulk order for these backpacks and get them at the affordable price.


Author : Amit Ghia

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