Bath Towel Versus Beach Towel- Is There Any Difference?

Jan 14, 2021 08:00

Enthusiasts have a lot to be particular about and one of such products are the towels. There are different types of towels for varying needs. Though people try to use the same towel for a lot of their common needs, we have the option to find a particular type of towel for our daily and occasional needs of towels. Especially, if you are running a business and are choosing a towel as your promotional product, then you must know the difference between towel varieties.

So, have you also thought of investing in custom towels for your marketing campaign? From the custom golf towels to the personalized beach towels, there is a range of options for you. However, do you know the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel? Based on the purpose of using the towel, you may choose the right one. Once the right product reaches the right audience, the chances of leaving a lasting impression is more, hence bringing greater returns for you on your marketing investment. So, let’s get to know the difference between a bath towel and a beach towel so that you pick the right product and buy them from a reliable supplier of promotional products in Australia.

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Variations in the look-

Beach towels are mostly colorful with lots of patterns. On the contrary, bath towels are available in solid colors, and you cannot find any intricate patterns of these towels. You can use bath towels throughout the year, while beach towels are intended for occasional uses. The print of the towel is fun based keeping the spirit of a beach in mind. Such printed towels are available for men, women, and kids as well in highly exciting colors.

Identify the size of your towels-

Size is another factor to differentiate a bath towel from a beach towel. We have found that a beach towel is slightly longer than a bath towel. The standard dimension of a bath towel can be about 30 inches by 58 inches. But, the beach towel has a dimension of around 40 inches by 70 inches. When you are looking for cheap towels in bulk, you need to check out their sizes. Also, you must keep in mind as for whom you are buying the towels. If they are for adults or for kids, the size should be chosen accordingly to make sure that they would be used. Your investment is worth only if your gift or giveaway is used.

Nature of fabrics-

Bath towels are always thick and fluffy and you will feel comfortable while wrapping them around your body. These bath towel fabrics absorb water and you can use them after your daily shower.

In contrast, beach towel are thinner, as they need to keep sand off your body. During your sunbath at the beach, you can use this towel. Mostly, hotels and resorts choose these beach towels as the promotional gift for their customers. Another unique trait is that these towels can dry quicker.

Manufacturers use cotton to design bath towels, as cotton can soak moisture. But, cotton also holds moisture for a long period because of its thickness. One of the cons is that you may find a mildew smell after using the cotton towel a number of times.

For the beach towel, manufacturers use linen that has a moisture-absorbing capacity. The towel can dry up within a short time. There is no odour issue found with the beach towel. Anti-microbial properties are one of the most important qualities of a beach towel.

Cheap Towels In Bulk

Portability of the towel-

Most of the bath towels are heavy and need much space for storage. However, beach towels with lightweight towels are foldable to get a compact size. If you wish to buy them in bulk for carrying at long distance destinations, you would find them easier to carry even if their number is high. You can choose them as one of the personalised promotional products for your customers.

As you buy towels for your customers and employees, you have to focus on their needs. A beach towel is large and accommodates two individuals easily, while a bath towel is for one person. Companies in the travel sector like to offer beach towels to their customers. However, gym and fitness centres like to invest in wholesale cooling towels. Thus, based on your business niche, you can pick the right towels.

Customization is the key

As per your need you can choose any type of towel. However, make sure to get them customized with your logo, image or any text for sure to make the maximum impact. Printing as well as embroidery can be done to imprint your business logo on the towels. Rest assured that this product will give you ample space for branding. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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