Be Thoughtful While Choosing Your Umbrella Colours

Feb 28, 2022 08:00

How do you make your choice while buying umbrellas? You check the fabric quality and durability of the frame while choosing umbrellas. Needless to say, you can never overlook the style, aesthetics, and fabric color. Some buyers cannot decide on the right colors for their umbrellas. Businesses investing in company branded umbrellas prefer a color that matches their brands. So, these days, when umbrellas are becoming so much of a stylish accessory, both companies and individuals should consider the color aspect of the umbrellas that matches with their looks. At the same time, the utility of the umbrella is also crucial, so be thoughtful while choosing the right color that gives you protection from sun while saves you from the rain. But, how do you pick the best umbrella colour to fight against the hot sun rays? Let’s discuss this and make a better umbrella choice always.

One of the major reasons for using an umbrella is to block the UV rays. Does the color of the umbrella also has got something to do with it? Which umbrella color will serve your purpose?

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Identify the right color of your umbrella on the hotter days-

The biggest truth is that the colour scheme of your umbrella does not matter much. Still, black is the best choice for umbrellas intended for using during the summer season.

Some users are concerned about the colour fading issues. You may think of buying a bright-coloured umbrella, as it looks vibrant. But, blue, red, and other similar shades can fade away easily. Lighter colours like yellow and orange repel the sunrays. It seems the dark color of the umbrella would absorb more sunlight and make you feel hotter. However, the dense black color does not let the heat get inside your umbrella and keeps you safe while absorbing the sun rays.

Why are black umbrellas more popular than white ones?

You will get a better shade and feel cool while using the black umbrella. Although black absorbs more light rays, it will not cause a problem. Your body is not in direct contact with the umbrella to feel the heat. Moreover, black is more effective in blocking 90% of harmful UV rays. This is what you expect from your umbrella. The color also goes with all the types of outfits you wear and is gender neutral.

Darker versus brighter umbrella color-

Darker hues absorb more rays than lighter shades like pastels and whites. The UV rays will not reach your skin. On the contrary, bright tints like red also absorb the light rays. The more vivid colour ensures a better protection level. That is why bright yellow garments is more protective compared to the pale one.

Which umbrella color is best for your patio?

The most commonly chosen shades for patio umbrellas are beige, cocoa, and terra cotta tones. Color choice is personal, and you can buy ones that match your outdoor settings. However, darker shades fade away faster than lighter ones. While buying the umbrella corporate gift, you have to check the color quality. This you can do by talking to the supplier or the manufacturer you are dealing with. If you are placing an order with any established supplier, then check for their reviews as well to stay informed and make better decision.

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Should you choose black for your outdoor patio umbrellas?

You may be concerned about the risk of fading colors due to the outdoor use of your umbrellas. However, you can look for high-quality branded umbrellas made of fade-resistant fabrics. Check the branded umbrellas prices and make the right decision.

If you are specifically particular about having a black color umbrella, then try using a weather-guard spray to protect the original color of your umbrella.

Can you avoid using sunscreen while using an umbrella?

Although you have an umbrella with you, it is important to use sunscreen. The high-SPF sunscreen is more effective to protect your skin from UV rays. Moreover, you must apply and reapply your sunscreen after a few hours. You will have an ultimate protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Color choice for corporate gifting

While buying umbrellas for your employees, you just need to be careful about the fabric quality and the rod quality of the umbrella. The colors can be versatile and vibrant. Make sure to check how your business logo looks on that umbrella color before placing any bulk order. Have a look at the preview of the designed umbrella to get a better idea. Once satisfied you can grab good deals on umbrellas by buying them at wholesale rates along with complementary customization services and free doorstep delivery.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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