Beach Towels Of Different Categories- Buy The Right Ones

Sep 30, 2021 08:00

Are you trying to promote your hotel or facility to travellers? If yes, then you might have started looking for business promotion ideas to attract more customers and please your existing ones. The concept of gifting is not bad for any company. However, to choose the right product that works for your particular business is the main hook. Any industry must go with a product set that goes well its business type to have the maximum impact. So, what can be the best gift to please your potential customers if you are in hospitality, running a hotel or a resort? You can invest in a number of beach towels with varying sizes and designs.

Personalise the beach towels with your brand name and details and go on with your campaign. Your customers will learn about your hotel and accommodation and will carry their experience to places. Custom printed beach towels are available in a range of shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and materials. Based on your budget, you can choose any one of them and get good online deals while ordering in bulk.

Custom Printed Beach Towels

Which is the best beach towel for you? Find the types-

Cotton beach towels-

The cotton terry beach towels are the most conventional options for you. They are quite popular too and chosen by most of the business types. One of the most important qualities is that they have high absorbent capacity. You can easily print these towels with any sort of customisation needs. The most popular one is made of Turkish cotton that makes you feel smooth on your skin. Higher quality cotton towels are fade-resistant.

Beach towels designed with yarn are also durable and they last longer than ordinary cotton strands. They have a double-stitched hem which make them highly sustainable. Knowing all these details about towels will help you choose a high-quality towel that would be loved by the users. If you are doing it for your branding, then going with high quality product is a must to enjoy good reputation in the market.

Quick-dry microfiber towels-

When the users are near a sea beach, the towels can get wet at any time. However, the towel must not take time to get dry. That is why you can invest in quick-dry microfiber towels which sheds water quickly and get dry in a very short period of time. It is upper soft in touch and advantageous to use offering you a very good feel. Especially when on beach, while pack-up you would not like to put a wet towel in the bag. The wet towels can risk other items in your bag. Your bags will become soggy due to the moisture content of the beach towels. These is where microfibre towels come to use as they get dry quickly offering you convenience of use.

On the cooler days, some users like to use towel for covering their legs. While taking a nap and reading a book near the beach, they use the towel. The damp beach towel made of microfiber will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Sand-free microfiber towels

When you come back from a beach, you find piles of sand in your bag. Your sunscreen bottles, lotions, and other items also get particles of sand. It is one of the annoying situations for beach lovers to clean them all after having a wonderful outing on the beach. To prevent this problem, you can choose sand-free microfiber towels. While searching for printed beach towels, you may prefer these versions as sand does not get stuck to the towel.

Buy Beach Towels In Bulk

Sand-free towels are made of polyester that ensures loose weave. Thus, sand easily fall through the weave without requiring much efforts. It will not get trapped into the fabric like other towels. You may also use a brush to clean the fabric and remove the sand. Isn’t that user-friendly? If you offer such type of towels to your guests, they would love the gift.

Hands-free towels-

They include an attachable strap with the towel. You have to roll the towel and secure it properly with the strap. It is also easy to unroll the towel and use it for your purpose. By using the strap, you can make the towel look like a bag. They are highly innovative items and one of the best gifts for guests and visitors.

When you buy beach towels in bulk, you can check these options. However, the most important thing is the choose towels of eco-friendly materials. These beach towels will be highly useful gifts for your potential customers. They are available at a reasonable rate.

Find a wide variety of promotional beach towels online in different budget range and order in bulk to get further discount or wholesale rates. Explore the collection and choose one to get them customized with your business logo and get delivered across Australia.

Author : Amit Ghia

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