Beanies For Smarter Guys- A Brief Guide

Mar 28, 2022 08:00

How do you create your fashion statement in winter? You like to search for the latest jackets and sweater designs to show your style. But, another fashion accessory that you can never overlook is a hat. Especially beanies can make you look better. Nowadays, several companies choose promotional beanies as the most valuable winter gifts for employees.

Before investing in beanies, it is good to know about the available styles- 

Classic beanies- Cuffed-

Beanies with cuffs around their edges provide better protection to your forehead and ears. The cuffs play a role in covering a part of your ears. You may also pull down the cuffs on windy days to get the warmth. Choose these beanies as the promotional products companies give away. Cuffed beanie hats can be the most valuable winter gifts. 

Personalized Beanie

Fisherman beanies- With a short design-

Several fishermen used to wear woolly hats, and it had resulted in the introduction of the fisherman beanie. The crown of the hat is shallow and does not cover ears. The short beanie has drawn the attention of fashion-conscious men. But, this hat will not make you feel warm. 

Skullcap beanies-

These beanies have a tight-fitting design to hug around your head. Especially motorcycle riders like to wear these thin beanies. It is easy to put on the helmet without removing the beanie.

Bobble hats-

These beanies have pom-poms on their top part. Originally, the pom-pom was intended for sailors. But, now, several young men like to put on these hats. Some bobble hats are available with a multi-coloured scheme.

Slouchy and baggy beanies-

They are longer-style beanies, and the additional material reach up to the backside of your head. There are no cuffs with these beanies, and you can pair them with your denim jackets. Thus, create your own style with baggy beanie hats.

Beanies are made of different fabrics, ranging from cotton to wool. The woollen ones are breathable durable, and soft. Cotton beanies have a moisture-wicking capacity. There are also synthetic beanies resistant to wrinkles and abrasion.

Beanies for every man- Which one will suit you?

Your hairstyle makes you look different from other guys. While some men have short, curly hair, others have long hair. Thus, how will you find the right headwear for your purpose?

Beanies for longhaired men-

Cuffless beanies can be the perfect choice for these men. Wear your hat high on the forehead. But, do not tuck your hair into the beanie hat. The beanie will hang out on its sides. You may also prefer slouchy and high-top beanies for your long hairstyle.

Beanies for shorthaired men-

Shorthaired guys like to put on close-fitting beanies. The hats that are oversized and slouchy cover every part of their heads. That is why they are not good for the short hair. Classic cuff beanies and fishermen beanies can be the best choice for these men. 

Beanies for curly haired men-

Guys with medium-length hair and curly hair strands must not wear tight and thin skullcap beanies. The cap will appear bulky and bumpy. High-top designs are the suitable ones for these men. The longer hat models will not make your hair flattened.

So, you can invest in a personalized beanie based on your hairstyle.

Matching beanies with your outfits-

Beanies are surely the best headwear to save your ears and head from feeling cold on the winter days. High-quality hats will make you feel warm. But, cotton beanies for summer are intended to boast your sense of style.

Traditional cuffed beanies look perfect when you put on formal outfits and office wears. However, when you are on a weekend trip, you like to have a casual look. So, fisherman beanies and cuffless designs will be the right accessories for your needs. Similarly, slouchy beanies will look perfect with your sporty outfits.

Custom Beanies Wholesale

You can also wear a pair of sunglasses and transparent glasses with your beanies. To create a unique style, you can choose navy, grey, black, and other bold-colored beanies. You will look more handsome when you pair beanies with sunglasses.

To buy custom beanies wholesale for your employees, you can go for any style. Beanies are favourites for every man. For corporate promotional needs, you can find beanies in simple and plain colors and designs that can easily get customized with your business logo to look prominently visible. There are dedicated suppliers of promotional headwear and beanies who take order in bulk for corporate promotions and gifting needs during various events or functions.

Discover a wide variety of beanies at highly attractive rates with us as we supply caps, hats and beanies across Australia along with customization services. Just pick a size and design and we will offer you the best personalization ideas along with free doorstep delivery to locations like Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast and other Australian locations. Order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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