Beanies Of Different Styles- Which One Should You Choose?

Feb 07, 2022 08:00

Have you noticed the trend of wearing caps and hats on different occasions? The head accessories are quite trending these days for men, women, and kids. The fashion industry is bringing a number of styles to match different occasions and the style enthusiasts are readily grabbing them. If you are also exploring one of them, then the options are tremendous for you. They are available in a range of styles to suit your personal preferences. It is also possible that you get anyone of them as a gift from any of your regular shops, clubs, or super market. Several brands choose headwear while buying bulk promotional items. They customise the hats, caps or other items and use them as corporate giveaways. Beanies are one of the common hat styles best for both men and women. There are various types and designs available in different materials and you can pick on of them based on several factors like occasion, location of use, cost, and age of the user. Before getting into the styles of beanies, let’s get to know more about them.

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Can beanies be really called hats?

Some consumers say that beanies are hats, while others claim that these are caps. The term- hat refers to any type of headwear protecting you from rain and sunlight. Generally, hats have 2 parts- a brim and a crown. They look bigger and extend beyond your head.

But, a cap has a definite shape with a viewfinder, mesh back, and a peak. Beanies are brimless caps integrated with triangular material panels. The crown has a bean-sized button and the panels are sealed together. They actually incorporate the features of both hats and caps sometimes. Still, categorizing them in any particular group won’t be good, so they are in altogether new group called beanies.

Beanies are of different types-

Young guys like to wear beanies of the latest fashion. That is why the manufacturers are also coming with different types of styles to cater to the needs of various age group of users.

Cuffed Beanies

Cuffs are present around the hat’s edges. Manufacturers mostly use polyester, cotton, and wool to design these beanies. The lower part has a folded padding design to make wearers feel comfortable. The cuffs are much thick to keep the head warm. The cheap beanie hats can also be the best promotional gifts for your employees during the winter season. In school events or outdoor corporate events, they can be presented to the participants or visitors. Customizing them with embroidery is very much suitable that adds to the look and style. 

Slouchy Beanies

Lots of men prefer the slouchy beanie style. As these beanies have a decent length, you can easily identify them. Multiple slouches are present over the head part, and some of them hang under the head. They look cool.

Moreover, the slouchy beanie has no cuff on its brim. While you wear the beanie, it will rest over your ears, and you will feel comfortable. Although slouchy beanies had their origin in the 12th century, teens like to wear them today. They are also made of wool and come in plain colors.

Hipster Beanies

Known for versatility and comfort, hipster beanies combine features of both slouchy beanies and cuffed beanies. They are more fashionable than other headwear styles available in the market. Their cost also goes a little higher than the others. You can find a lot of variety online along with their price details.

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Cuffless Beanies

These beanies have gained high popularity and you can find them in different lengths. Still, you do not need to roll the length for a proper fit.

Brimmed Beanies

With an integrated visor, these beanies resemble the look of baseball caps. You can protect your eyes and forehead from sunlight. Some models include earflaps to make you feel warm during the winter season. While buying wholesale beanie hats, you can choose these designs.

Fisherman Beanies

Especially, men like to wear fisherman beanies, which do not cover your ears. Made of dense and heavy fabric, these beanies look perfect with a jacket. However, you need a little effort to pull off the beanies.

There are different ways of wearing beanies. The standard style will cover the ears, while the front part should be above the eyebrows. You may also prefer the Robinhood style to put on your beanies. The cuff creates an angle, which starts and ends on the ears. Wear beanies in any way you like.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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