Beanies Versus Other Caps- Skullcaps, Bonnets, And Stocking Caps

Jun 06, 2022 08:00

Beanies are one of the stylish accessories that have gained the attention of both men and women. Several businesses also invest in beanies as popular promotional items. Made of wool and some eco-friendly fabrics, beanies are available in different styles and colours. However, some consumers confuse beanies with other types of headwear, including the skullcaps, stocking caps, and bonnets. Find a detailed comparison of these caps. 

How do beanies differ from skullcaps?

The major difference between skullcaps and beanies is in the fit. Skullcaps fully cover your head, and no part of the headwear suspends from it. On the contrary, beanies have a circular design with a pointed top hanging slightly. Skullcaps fit tighter than beanies. The slouchy beanies are a very loose headwear. 

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Beanies are used as winter wear, and so, you can buy wool beanies wholesale for your employees. They are also worn as an accessory to attend the costume party.

On the contrary, the skullcap plays a role as a protective wear and sportswear. Still, you may also use it as your winter wear. Especially, bikers and sportspersons like to wear skullcaps. Available in different styles, beanies are easy to maintain. But, skullcaps protect you from head injuries. 

The best skullcaps are waterproof, while beanies do not have this quality. You can wear skullcaps during the summer season. 

The most popular beanie styles are- propeller, folded cuffed, and brimless. Similarly, skullcaps can be categorised in other ways- multilayered, felt lining, and foamed lining. 

Beanies are not the perfect choice when you need to attend formal parties. Skullcaps are, however, acceptable for your formal usage. Some wearers of skullcaps feel uncomfortable due to the snug fit. 

Stocking cap versus beanie-

Beanies have an oval-shaped design that fits properly to the backside of your head. On the contrary, the stocking cap has a conical-shaped design.

A stocking cap is a hat with a hanging tassel. Available in a knitted design, it protects you from the cold. In most cases, stocking caps have a longer design, and they are efficient at minimising hair damage. They are also known as baseball caps and boaters.

Materials used for beanies are fleece, cotton, viscose, and wool. You can also find beanies in different colours. Buying black beanies bulk can be the right decision. On the contrary, wool, leather, and silk are the commonly chosen materials for designing stocking caps.

Like beanie caps, your stocking caps may have plain and folded brims.

However, both stocking caps and beanies are essentials found in everyone’s wardrobe. It is good to keep your head warm during the winter season.

Your bare head may easily catch a cold. So, you can choose any of them based on your needs.  

Bonnets versus beanies- 

There are several similar characteristics between bonnets and beanies. That is why some consumers confuse beanies with bonnets. The major difference is in the presence of strings. The modern beanie has no string to secure the headwear in place. Although classic bonnets have strings, there is an evolution in style. Some manufacturers have removed strings from bonnets.

Both bonnets and beanies have pros and cons. Bonnets ensure sun protection to your scalp. As they are designed with thicker materials, you will feel the warmth. But, bonnets have become outdated headwear. Moreover, they do not protect your eyes from sunrays.

Beanies are low-maintenance headwear, and you do not need to wash the woollen beanies as they do not retain odour. You can easily pick the right styles of beanies that can match your outfit. On the hotter days, you can put on summer beanies to feel cool. You can buy fashionable custom beanies bulk and use them as your promotional gifts. Your employees and customers will surely appreciate this headwear. 

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Bonnets gained popularity during the 19th century. Beanies were introduced into the market after several years of the emergence of bonnets. They have regained their status in the present century. 

So, beanies are different from other types of headwear like bonnets, stocking caps, and skullcaps. However, the most important thing is that they are customisable. Thus, you can print your brand name and other relevant details on the headwear for a promotional campaign. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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