Beautiful Artwork To Do With Old Water Bottles

Sep 14, 2020 08:00

Most of us think of throwing away our plastic water bottles after using them a number of times. Ultimately, they find their place in landfills and cause pollution. Thus, to save the environment, it is better to reuse them. However, how do you make those plastic drink bottles reusable? Apply your creativity and do attractive artwork to beautiful those bottles. 

Instead of discarding the used bottles, you may use them indifferently. Bottle painting is one of the common hobbies, and you can try out creating unique artwork for your old water bottles. Based on the type of artworks, you may use those bottles as home decors and several other purposes.

Bottle arts can be of different types, and it can range from simple paintings to lighting. You can carve out modern or antique arts on your bottle. Some of us use the decorative plastic drinking bottle as a flower vase, while others have diverse applications. 

We have now provided you with some ideas of bottle arts. However, you may let your imagination go wild while choosing the artwork for bottles. 

Bottle Art- Choose a Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style is one of the awesome bottle art ideas. You can transform the look of the ordinary bottles with paints. By painting the transparent bottle with some colors, you may change the color of the water. Add some motifs and designs while painting the bottle. You can use the painted bottle as a flower vase.

Beautify Your Bottles With Design Elements

You do not always need to stick to paint for custom plastic water bottles. You may use anything for beautifying your bottle. For instance, you can choose some gemstones and bright paints to decorate your bottles. It will be an amazing combination of art and craft. The customized bottle will have a different look. No one will make out that it is an old bottle used for the artwork.

Traditional Artwork On Bottles

Some of us love the value of antiques. Based on antique themes, you can add intricate details on the bottle design. Choose an achromatic color scheme for your bottle. With the bottle art, you can depict the mythological stories and folk tales. Some artisans like to use natural pigments for painting bottle walls.

Bottle Artwork That Shows Your Love For Nature

As you love the green environment, you can represent it with the bottle artwork. You can create some geometrical patterns, birds, and leaves on the surface of the plastic bottle. These bottles can become the best pieces of decors for your room.


Gardening with plastic bottles

Throwing plastic bottles outside only pollutes nature. On the other hand, you can use these bottles to grow greenery in your patio, balcony, or lawn. There are many gardening enthusiasts who use plain colorful bottles as a vase to grow their choice of plants. The big supply bottles can be used to grow bigger plants and can be used to place in the garden. The smaller and light-weight bottles can be used to design your hanging garden by following specific steps.


Making crafts with drink bottles

During your Halloween celebrations and other festivities, you might need to decorate your outdoor ambiance. Use the drink bottles of various colors, tie them up, utilize other props, and come with the most innovative ideas to decorate your lawn, sit out area, patio area, and more. Using colorful bottles for this purpose can bring brightness and vibrancy to your craft. 


Colorful lighting with bottles

Can you think of using your waste bottles to create beautiful lighting for your home? Yes, it is possible, if you keep all the used bottles of different colors. For this craft, you need some electrical wires, bulbs, and cut-out pieces of bottles. When added, these bulbs will blow in the color of bottles and make your nights beautiful and glowing. This is a perfect DIY project if you wish to get engaged in a good activity that gives you a lot of satisfaction during the nigh-time with its glow.

These are some DIY options for bottle artwork. You can buy bulk plastic bottles and apply your creative paintings on them. These decorative bottles may also turn out to be the gift items for some special persons. You can portray some attractive themes with your bottle arts.

In fact, you may prove your talents by painting and decorating ordinary bottles. Moreover, by reusing these plastic bottles, you are saving the surrounding environment.


Buy the best of custom plastic water bottles or plain bottles and use them for different needs. On bulk orders, you would also get wholesale rates saving you a lot of bucks on your order. Explore some of the quality plastic drinking bottles, compare the features and cost, and buy online for your gifting needs or artwork.

Author : Amit Ghia

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