Bi-Fold Versus Tri-Fold Umbrellas- Know The Difference Between Them

May 02, 2022 08:00

Corporate branded umbrellas can be the best giveaways for your customers and employees. But, how do you decide on the right product while choosing umbrellas? You check the quality of fabrics, shafts, and other parts of umbrellas. However, you may also categorise umbrellas based on the number of folding skeletons. Today, some manufacturers have released 5-fold umbrellas for consumers. Still, 2-fold and 3-fold designs have become the most popular in the market. 

In case of the 2-fold design, the skeleton of the umbrella is foldable into 2 sections. The overall structure is highly durable, and consumers can carry it anywhere.

On the contrary, tri-fold umbrellas have 3 folding keels (also known as a skeleton). You can click on a button to fold these umbrellas.

How do bi-fold and tri-fold umbrellas differ from each other?

Learn about the structure-

From the structural perspective, 2-fold umbrellas have a firm and compact design. They are designed from high-quality materials. Moreover, you can notice a difference in the rib sizes of these bi-fold umbrellas. The first rib is longer compared to the second one.

The modern tri-fold umbrellas also have a more design. Available in moderate lengths and weights, these umbrellas have become more popular. The first rib of the umbrella is the shortest one.

Find the difference in style-

The way you fold the umbrellas can make a difference. Bi-fold umbrellas reflect a high-grade European style. Although you have folded the umbrella, it is quite large.

But, tri-fold ones involve both mainstream and European styles. When you fold them, they become small and thin. It is easy to put them into your bag.

Almost any store selling novelty wholesale Australia can provide you with 2-fold and 3-fold umbrellas. You can customise these umbrellas for your marketing campaign.

The functionality of the bi-fold and tri-fold umbrellas-

The best bi-fold umbrellas have a windproof design with long handles. Some manufacturers have applied special technology to protect you from the sun and rain. However, one demerit is that the length of the umbrella does not become much smaller when you have folded it. 

On the contrary, tri-fold umbrellas are more portable, and you can easily carry them around. But, on windy days, it is better to use the 2-folding umbrellas.

Which one is costlier? 

2-fold umbrellas are available in both high-grade and standard versions. You will find quality materials and superior workmanship in these umbrellas. Lace, printing, and embroidery works are available in high-quality custom umbrellas. Due to these unique designs, bi-fold umbrellas are high-priced models.

The 3-fold version is a mid to low-end model. It is cheaper than the 2-fold ones.

Uses of the 2-fold and 3-fold umbrellas-

The 2-fold umbrellas can be the perfect choice on the rainy and windy days. The 3-fold models are not so strong to resist this weather condition.

More tips for buying the best umbrella-

You can now choose between 2-fold and 3-fold models while buying custom branded umbrellas. You must also check the fabric quality before purchasing the umbrella. It is the major part, which plays a role in giving you a shade. Umbrella clothes can be of different types, and therefore, you need to find the most durable ones that withstand rain and heavy winds.

Another important factor is the handle of the foldable umbrella. Make sure that you can comfortably grip the handle. The best umbrellas are available with sturdy plastic handles. However, these handles can be of 2 types - curved and straight. The curved ones ensure a better grip, and you can hold them for a longer period. They are mostly found in high-priced umbrellas.

Custom Branded Umbrellas

The shaft is also a significant part lying above the umbrella’s handle. It holds the framework firmly due to its rigid design. So, check the durability of the shaft while buying the umbrella. The parts of your umbrella must not become loose due to your regular use.

The folding umbrellas are available in a range of sizes, and you have to choose the right one for your needs. The larger ones are not the ideal choice for daily commuters. Lightweight and easy-to-carry umbrellas are best for users of almost any lifestyle.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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