BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles: Why To Choose For Brand Promotions?

Jul 29, 2019 08:00

The word BPA free is getting a lot of traction these days, especially in water bottle category which needs to be toxin-free for longer usage. Shops, supermarkets, and wholesale suppliers are stocking this product as they are in great demand in the retail industry as well as from the corporate organizations who choose wholesale BPA free plastic water bottles for brand promotion. Before we talk much about this product, let’s understand what is it and why promoters buy BPA free plastic water bottles in bulk, Australia

What is BPA?  

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound commonly found in water bottles. This compound enters the bottle as a result of the manufacturing process; when consumed in minimal amounts, BPA is not harmful to the human body. As a result, it is a common chemical found in plastics and resins used in food and beverage packaging. However, with people getting concerned for their health, most of the people try to use BPA free bottles and manufacturers are also designing new ways of production that keep the drinking water bottles BPA free. Not only this, custom plastic water bottles wholesale, Australia is gaining a lot of popularity across organizations of all sizes.

Manufacturing process of BPA free bottles

Now, BPA-free water bottles are made of reusable plastics. The general water bottles or disposable bottles are posing a threat to the environment as they are discarded after one use and keep on piling high everywhere. But BPA free bottles can be refilled hundreds of times before users must discard the bottle and purchase a new one. This action of selecting a BPA-free water bottle liberates consumers from purchasing countless packs of water bottles for their use in daily life or during travels.

The production of BPA-free water bottles is an environmentally-friendly action. Fewer fossil fuels and toxins are released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process of such bottles, thereby generating a smaller carbon footprint than other manufacturing processes.

How to use BPA free bottles as promotional materials

  • Some manufacturers offer BPA-free water bottles as co-polyester bottles. These bottles can be used as promotional items because they are built from a material similar to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Commercial operators can use these water bottles to promote their logos, brands, and services because BPA-free water bottles will not break down or crack when dropped. Also, they will be used multiple times giving exposure to your brand every now and then.
  • The decision to buy bpa free plastic water bottles in bulk Australia offers a significant return on investments for commercial operators. This sends an environmental message to users, thereby elevating the status of an advertised brand in the eyes of consumers and customers alike.

BPA Free Plastic Drink Bottles

Benefits of using BPA free bottles

There are many points that put BPA free bottles on top of other products used for carrying or storing small quantity of water. A few of them are listed below:

  • Bottled Water Delivery

In terms of commercial promotion, BPA-free plastic water bottles ensure wide coverage for a brand or business. Most manufacturers of such products provide BPA-free bottled water for homes and offices of all sizes. The wide circuit covered by bottled water products ensures extensive visibility for brands and commercial signage emblazoned on these bottles. In addition, bottles of different sizes are on offer, thereby encouraging advertisers to buy BPA free plastic water bottles in bulk Australia.

  • Availability in varying colors and shapes

Commercial manufacturers of BPA-free plastic water bottles allow buyers to buy wholesale water bottles with logo Australia. These environment-friendly articles are offered in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This makes them ideal as promotional gifts that can broadcast business logos and signage at different levels of society. Vivid shades of red, green, blue, white, and black adorn these BPA-free bottles. Dual tones are also available, reflecting the inventiveness of the human mind. Graphic designers can be commissioned to place logos in an attractive manner, thereby enhancing the aesthetic appeal of these bottles.

  • Varying Bottle Capacity

These bottles are variously available in 17 ounces, 24 ounces, 28 ounces, and 64-ounce sizes. Custom colors and graphics, ordered by the customer, can be commissioned for bulk orders. These custom plastic water bottles wholesale Australia also promote the message that hydration and healthy bodies are important. In addition, the purchase of BPA-free water bottles in bulk will save customers big bucks in their marketing budgets. These reasons are central to commercial decisions to buy wholesale water bottles with logo Australia.

When can you use custom-printed BPA free bottles, Australia?

It mostly depends on the type of business you are doing or the people your organization wants to reach. A few occasions when you can use these bottles for the promotional purpose are listed below:

  • Employee gift: Present to your employees on any occasion as the product is suitable to be used always.
  • Gift to customers: If you are a shop owner, presenting a custom-printed bottle to your customers can help you earn their loyalty. Also, since the bottles are usually carried to new places, your brand logo will also reach new places giving you maximum exposure.
  • Outdoor event or campaigns: If you are organizing any outdoor event like a trade show, rally, exhibition, etc, presenting a bottle would help you create your impactful existence among a new crowd who would become your brand ambassador carrying the product. For this purpose, you need to get the best deal by buying bulk BPA free water bottle, Australia.


A survey of the product ranges on the internet reveals that BPA-free plastic water bottles are now very popular in brand promotional schemes. This is reinforced by rising consumer sensitivity to matters relating to the health of human beings. These stylish products, therefore, have the power to affect a sea change in consumer perceptions and must be harnessed for commercial promotional schemes and activities.

You can choose to buy buy wholesale water bottles with logo Australia from any trusted supplier to get the quality product at the right time. Also, this will save you good amount of money on the whole deal.


Author : Amit Ghia

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