Buy Quality Coffee Mugs- Learn More About Their Features

Jun 15, 2023 08:00

Gifting assumes a special dimension when coffee mugs emerge as the objects of choice. The act of gifting a special coffee mug to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, peer groups, and family members gains special significance in the long run. Interestingly, the domain of modern commerce can leverage the use of such products to further commercial objectives. In line with this, bulk buyers of novelty coffee mugs Australia can order custom-designed products and incorporate these into mass market promotional campaigns. Before buying these coffee mugs, you have to familiar with their features. 

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  • What are the features of a coffee mug?
  • Additional innovative features- 

What Are The Features Of A Coffee Mug?

A quality coffee mug comes with a range of features/

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Thick walls-

Coffee mugs are thicker than teacups because they have thicker walls. Due to considerable thickness, your coffee mugs gain insulation properties. So, your drink will remain hot for a longer period. 

Concave bottom-

It is another feature of a perfectly designed coffee mug. The bottom of your coffee mug should be concave but not flat. The main reason behind it is to minimise the thermal contact of the mug’s bottom with the table’s surface. Thus, the hot mug will not damage the surface of your desk or table.

Low conductive materials-

Porcelain, glass, and earthenware are some materials that possess low conductivity. Coffee mugs made of these materials are the best choice.

Single versus dual-handle coffee mugs-

Perhaps, you feel more relaxed when you use a double-handle mug to drink hot coffee. But, if you want to buy coffee mugs to serve several guests, you can invest in one-handed cups. It will be easier to serve the drink to your guests.


Some coffee mugs are designed for travellers, and they mostly include a lid to prevent spills. Besides, they have rubber grips to ensure an ergonomic design. As a frequent traveller, you can carry these coffee mugs with you. Disposable cups are not good for the environment. So, these reusable and durable coffee mugs are the right choice.

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Compatibility with coffee makers-

Before purchasing a coffee mug from a store, you have to ensure that it works with a coffee maker. Some coffee-making machines are intended to be used with coffee mugs. Check the design of the mug and make your decision.

Additional innovative features-

  • Temperature control- The mug will retain the temperature of your coffee for a long period.
  • You can connect your smartphone to your coffee mugs.
  • The best coffee mugs can be personalized in different ways
  • Silicone sleeves of the coffee mugs ensure better heat resistance and a comfortable grip. 

Where to buy customized coffee mugs?

Promotions247 is just the right destination for you to buy coffee mugs in different styles, sizes and designs that can easily be customized as per your need. Buy photo printed coffee mugs, ceramic mugs, insulated coffee mugs in small, medium or large sizes for your personal or corporate gifting needs. We can also get your coffee mugs printed with your company’s name and logo to get them used as an advertising tool. Checkout our collection and place an order now.

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Coffee mugs are a great choice if you like to send personalised gifts to your employees or loyal clients. You can buy these mugs in bulk to make a cost-effective deal. The best online stores have a large collection of different coffee mugs. Choose the size and design of the mug and use it for several years. Whether you have chosen ceramic or steel mugs, you will get the best value from them.

Author : Amit Ghia

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