Buying Sports Drink Bottles? Watch Out These Features For Sure

Aug 06, 2020 08:00

Whether you are doing workouts, enjoying a hiking trip, or practicing some sports activities, a water bottle is always your companion. However, nowadays, modern consumers think that water bottles have to be something more than a simple container to hold water. That is why manufacturers have integrated the best technologies into water bottles. Even the bottles for school kids or college kids are coming in variety of designs with a number of features. Only if you are aware of these qualities, you would end up having the best bottle for yourself, your children or for others whom you wish to present a bottle.

For sports purpose, there are a lot of things that should be kept in mind while you plan to buy one such bottles. You must keep in mind that sports bottles need to different because of the usage type. Here are a few requisites in your sports drink bottle.

  • They should be strong and sturdy to withstand outdoor usage facing sun heat, rainfall, or placement on rough ground or sand.
  • They should not be breakable as many times you might lose control and it can fall on the ground.
  • Insulated bottles should be a preference for sports as you might need to carry them in harsh outdoor weathers. Insulated drink bottles will give you warm and cold water as needed and as kept by you.
  • They should be easy to carry. You might hang your water-filled bottle in the backpack, duffle bag or other types of carry bag. So, the bottle should be lightweight and right in size to allow easy carrying.

The need for specific sports bottle is obvious. Now, you can look for other features too if you are buying sports bottles wholesale packages.

Sports Bottles Wholesale

Cold and heat resistant-

Most of us like to drink water at a favourable temperature. When you have poured cold water into the bottle, it will remain cool for several hours. Similarly, hot beverage in the bottle retains its warmth for a long period. To get these advantages, you need to use vacuum-insulated bottles. Moreover, these bottles have stainless-steel linings to maintain proper temperature.

Water bottles with lids of different styles-

As you search for sports water bottles Australia, you can come across different lid designs.

  • Screw-on- It is similar to a jar lid.
  • Pop-up lid- It is a hinged lid with a sip-through hole.
  • Sip-through- There is an opening in the lid to let you drink water without removing the cap.
  • Straw-sipper- With an integrated straw, you can suck up water from the bottle.
  • Slide-action lid- By sliding the tab on the bottle lid, you will find the hole for sipping water.
  • Hook/clip lid- It is another lid with a hook, and you can clip this hook to a backpack. 

The most important fact is that your bottle needs to have a leak-proof lid. Some bottles have silicone stopper and natural corks to prevent leakage.

Wide-mouth spout-

The best water bottles have a wide mouth to help you in drinking water without spilling it. Not only this, the wide mouth also allows easy cleaning of the bottle using a brush that goes inside the bottle comfortably. Now, wide mouth bottles also come with plastic lids and metallic lids. Even bottles with plastic body can have metallic lids that can be twisted right or left to drink or sip the water. Whenever needed, the lid can be removed completely to drink the water as while using a glass tumbler.

Dirt and dust resistant-

Dirt and pollutants make the water unhealthy for us. Thus, to prevent this problem, manufacturers use a special cover for the bottle. This cover does not bring any change in the look, color, or design of the bottle but keeps it safe from dirt and scratches. Keep your water clean all the time.

Sports Drink Bottles Wholesale

Food-grade materials-

Most of the water bottles have stainless steel and aluminium designs. However, some bottles are also made of food-grade plastics and BPA-free materials. With these materials of the drinking water bottle, you will have no health risk.

Collapsible designs-

Collapsibility is one of the trendy features of water bottles. You can find these containers manufactured with silicone and other similar materials. You can twist, fold, and flatten the bottle to make it compact. It is easy to fit this bottle into a bag. While filled with water, the bottle will expand again. When you are looking for the best sports drink bottle wholesale Australia, you may check out this feature.

Odour-resistant bottles-

When some unpleasant smell comes out of the bottle, the water is not drinkable. To ensure that the bottle is odour-resistant, you need to find out materials used for it. The special treatment of interiors of the bottle prevents any effect on the taste of water.

Now, are you ready to buy sports drink bottles wholesale

Author : Amit Ghia

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