Catch eyes of your customers with custom branded duffle bags

Mar 12, 2019 08:00

An event, whether big or small, is one of the best times to build relationships with your stakeholders. A corporate gift given away in such events is not just for the sake of creating memory but can also help in exposing your business and sending repeated reminders about your services to the customers every time they see it. So, one thing to keep in mind while selecting a gift is its practicality as recipients always appreciate more useful promotional products over the other less practical items. This is the reason why custom printed duffle bags can be one of the best promotional items to serve the dual purpose of being a practical gift and creating brand awareness.

What is so good about duffle bags?

First thing first, duffle bags are very useful and dependable. They come in various styles, fabrics, and colors. Whether your customers would want to carry them for travel or to their fitness centers, duffle bags will find their use almost on an everyday basis.

Secondly, these bags are never out of fashion and unlike backpacks, these can be used by anyone whether its school students, college students, employees or aged couples traveling on their second honeymoon. Backpacks are relatively difficult for the aged people to carry but they can very well use the duffle bags that come with wheels without any difficulty.

Third, from a business perspective, duffle bags are very affordable. When you have to give them in large numbers, you should always go for bulk duffle bags and purchase it from a renowned supplier so that your overall cost is further lowered. These bags can offer you a pretty good surface area to market your products. You can use both the sides of the bag to get your logo, monogram and product details printed or embroidered on them so that these can shout about your business within your marketing budget.

How to choose a perfect promotional duffle bag?

One very important thing is to keep your standards high in terms of quality. It is very obvious that the recipients will also remember you and judge you on the basis of the gift that you give them. Good quality promotional gift builds trust among your customers and they will rely more on your products and services. Also, high quality will ensure durability and will be with your customers for good long years so will remind them about your business every time they use your bag. Go for reputed manufacturers and suppliers to get them at the best cost.

Choose the perfect timings to give them; like if you are organizing a sports meet then you can give the sports duffle bags to the participants. You can easily get wholesale duffel sports bags from the bags suppliers at nicer prices and you can print your logo, date of the event and some motivational caption for remembrance.


Author : Amit Ghia

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