Coffee Mug Designs And Diverse Handles- Have A Glance At Them

Feb 11, 2021 08:00

Personalized coffee mugs are timeless gifts that you can offer to your dear ones. Nowadays, business owners also invest in these mugs to customize them and use them as corporate giveaways. A beautiful coffee cup with custom prints can leave a lasting impression. Available in white, black, and other vibrant colors, coffee cups are classic choices on every occasion. We feel that our coffee tastes better while sipping it from an attractive cup. However, we have now presented you with coffee mugs of different handles. A slight difference in handles can transform the overall look. 

Custom Reusable Coffee Cups

Creativity in handles is unique

When we talk about custom mugs, what sounds obvious are the creativity in design, printing, cup shape and size. However, the handles can also be very creative and make a difference in its look. They not only impact convenience of use but also adds a creative touch to the look of the mug. Many times, such mugs are not only used for sipping coffee, but also for showcasing as a show piece. They are sure to grab the attention of all. In many types of corporate events and personal parties, these mugs are offered as return gifts. 

Let’s get to know what sort of creativity can be found in the style of handles. Thankfully, the designers of mugs have really out a lot of effort to bring in the market such unique coffee mugs with distinctive handles. 

C-handle mugs

From the name, you can easily guess that the coffee cup has a C-shaped handle. It is very common to find coffee cups with this grip style. As the letter C has a rounded design, you can grip the cup comfortably using your fingers. Your mug will not slip from your hands. Such mugs are very common and gifted in bulk to relatives, friends or others on special occasions.


Similar to the C-shape, it is a D shaped handle. You can find a rectangular design with this grip style. As there is a good amount of space between the cup body and D-handle, you can hold the cup easily. You may easily place your fingers and grip the handle. When you buy wholesale coffee cups, you can look for this grip style.

Open style-

It is another innovative grip style found with coffee mugs. When you like to hang your coffee mug on the rack, you may prefer this cup design. Such mugs are packed in single piece and printed with the recipient name for special gifting needs. They are also suitable to be printed with company’s logo and used as a promotional product in corporate organizations.


It is a round shaped handle with a unique look. Although you may think it to be a simple design, it makes the cup attractive. In some ceramic coffee cups, you can find this handle. Buy them in bulk and get customized with your company logo or business logo and present on any special corporate function. They would surely get noticed by all and would serve your purpose of branding.

Curved handle-

Do you like to hold your coffee cup in a distinctive style? Then, these curved handles add a stylish touch to the simple mugs. Although they have a thinner design, they have a highly elegant look. A plain or single-color coffee mug with curved handle looks too descent to be offered to exclusive guests and recipients.


Those who love drinking espresso and latte can choose cups with this mini handle. However, the capacity of these cups is comparatively smaller. They are available in bold single colors mostly.You can find an attractivelook of these cups.

Oblong shapes

Similar to the round and rectangular shaped coffee cup handles, there are oblong shaped grips. You will find these coffee cups with a striking design.

Creative shapes-

Some colorful coffee mugs are available with creative and unique shapes.Snake shaped handle, teddy bear shape, bow-shape, or the like are quite popular. They are usually bought and presented in bulk to kids and others. You can look for the best mug handle shapes while purchasing custom reusable coffee cups.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Buy coffee cups of the best shape-

You have learned about coffee cups with different handle designs. When you have chosen drinkware as your corporate business gifts, you may find mugs of diverse shapes. For instance, there are coffee mugs of animal shapes. Some coffee mugs have a transparent design and give you a clear view of the amount of drink left inside. The unique shaped coffee mugs with a logo of your brand can be the perfect gifts on any occasion. You may also look for a coffee cup model that is relevant to the special occasion.

Buy coffee mugs at wholesale rates and get them customized with your logo to give visibility to your brand. Order NOW!


Author : Amit Ghia

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