Coffee Mugs - The Modern Ceramic Wonder

Oct 28, 2019 08:00

The tabletop continues to be a crucible of innovation that serves the evolving needs and trends, which emerge in modern markets.One of the prime products of such innovation has emerged in the form of the modern coffee mug. These articles of daily use have gained distinction as a portable canvas featuring different types of art – and as an exciting location for artistic exploration. Consequently, mass manufacturers of modern coffee mugs are designing and bringing to market products with a variety of interesting finishes featuring multiple colors, graphics, shapes, and sizes. The modern consumer has responded enthusiastically, resulting in the entry of the coffee mug into the hallowed portals of modern popular culture.

The Coffee Mug – a superb Gift Item

Gifting assumes a special dimension when coffee mugs emerge as the objects of choice. The act of gifting a special coffee mug to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, peer groups, and family members gains special significance in the long run. Interestingly, the domain of modern commerce can leverage the use of such products to further commercial objectives. In line with this, bulk buyers of novelty coffee mugs Australia can order custom designed products and incorporate these into mass market promotional campaigns. In time, every custom-manufactured coffee mug carries a special message imbued with personal memories for the individual user. Logos and signage imprinted on the coffee mug also help refresh users' memory of the sponsor's logo.

Novelty Coffee Mugs Australia

Coffee Mugs – More the merrier

Sets of distinctive coffee mugs have emerged as a serious contender in the universe of modern buying habits. Many consumers have invested in novelty coffee mugs Australia as a show case item that spells sheer class. The manufacturer can individually customize each mug in a set of such products; alternatively, a set of six identical mugs creates a stylish presentation set for a variety of social occasions. Young consumers are especially attracted to such stylish, low-maintenance items that can be used at leisure inside the home, in the workplace, in coffee shops, etc. Modern mass manufacturing techniques enable sets of coffee mugs to be glazed in a variety of attractive tints and colors, thereby heightening their attraction in the eyes of modern consumers.

Coffee Mugs – Enabling the mobile lifestyle

Hot coffee continues to remain a popular choice with beverage drinkers in many countries. The manufacturers of the modern coffee mug are enabling this aspirational lifestyle by bringing to market choice selections of product, the liquid contents of which are secured with silicone lids. Market research indicates the ceramic travel mug with silicone lid remains the number one preference for travelers that love coffee and assorted hot beverages. This product is clearly gaining popularity as more manufacturers and designers create interesting and highly functional variants of the product. In addition, certain bulk buyers of the ceramic travel mug with silicone lid export mass quantities of such products to different regional and international markets in response to steady buyer demand for promotional business gifts. 

The Ultimate in modern convenience

Materials science has brought to the fore novel, new building blocks for a range of modern gadgets and appliances. Coffee mugs fashioned from carbon ceramic materials are the new rage among lovers of such products. Hence, manufacturers are designing the carbon ceramic mug with interesting textures that convey different moods and interpretations to the everyday user of such products. High levels of consumer interest in these products have encouraged manufacturers to make such coffee mugs microwave-safe and dishwasher-friendly. Such practices are expanding the design envelope for the modern coffee mug, thus elevating its stature in the list of modern consumer products.

Ceramic Travel Mug With Silicone Lid

Personalized coffee mugs: An attractive best promotional gifts

All the above mentioned points tell how coffee mugs have secured their place among people and that is the reason why businesses are attracted towards it for their promotion. Not only this product is useful but also looks classy and proves to be the best gift across a number of segments of people including corporate employees. There are various types of coffee mugs in various budgets and can fit into any hierarchy of the employees. Here are a few types of coffee mugs you can consider for corporate gifting. 

  • Porcelain coffee mugs: They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You would find them with lid, however, they are mostly available without lids. For customization, single color mugs are preferred, however, you can find printed styles also. Your brand name or logo can be printed on either of them. They can also be searched like ceramic travel mug with silicone lid.
  • Matt finish coffee mugs: Though most of the coffee mugs look shiny and glossy, you can find one more variety here. These are the mugs with matt finish. When customized with your logo, it will reflect as metallic background and give a very rich look. They are the best to the presented to your clients. Get your brand look classy in these mugs and do all the advertising in a style.
  • Bone china coffee mugs: These are high in quality coffee mugs available in mostly white color. It offers full color wrap-around branding. Packed in individual boxes, the mugs as well as the boxes can be customized with your name.
  • Reusable glass coffee cups: These are one of the fashion inspired cups high in demand these days. With this cup, you can travel to places without worrying about your coffee spilling all over. There is a secure push on silicon lid and a heat resistant silicon band. You have the liberty to choose any lid color and band color that mixes well with each other for a better look. The cup is packed in a window box that gives a glance of your cup flaunting the brand. It is perfect to be presented to people for advertising giving you a lasting returns.

Apart from these popular types, you can explore a range of other models online and buy novelty coffee mugs Australia in wholesale rates. Choose a reliable supplier to get best quality coffee mugs at the best rates. Also, it should be delivered on time.

Author : Amit Ghia

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