Cooling Towels- Don’t Settle With The Ordinary One, Discover Styles

Jul 01, 2021 08:00

On the hottest summer days, we always look for something that gives us comfort. In summers, not only the food items you take and the ACs you use are important, but there are many other products that ensure you get something cool and comforting. We cannot keep our air conditioner turned on for long hours that is why we turn to taking showers to refresh ourselves. Moreover, our AC is not accessible when we are at some outdoor sites. Thus, we are bound to look for some better alternatives. Cooling towels can be the ultimate solution to this problem. You can buy cooling towels bulk for others in your family or group as well. These days even corporate organizations and others are using them as promotional gifts for their people, customers, and other valued associations.

In particular, cooling towels are the best corporate gifts you can offer to sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts, and several other professionals. Your branding campaign will get a big success by offering printed cooling towels to your potential customers. They come in the category of products with a difference and would be used for sure.

Cooling Towels Bulk

If you are in your search for high-quality cooling towels, then take some time as there are plenty of options these days. Many manufacturers are coming with innovative designs in various shapes, sizes, and colours to meet the needs of men, women, and kids equally. Let’s discover a few of the popular cooling towels available for personal use as well as for product marketing needs. 

Cooling towels are available in a range of styles-

Neck wraps-

Some consumers like to wrap their cooling towels around their necks. These are thinner versions of standard cooling towels. You may also wrap the towel around your wrist, neck, and forehead. You will feel cool with it. Moreover, the wet towel will trigger the cooling process. On the summer days, when you wear this towel, you can avoid sweating. Narrower version of this towel is available only to be used around the neck.

Cooling bandanas and scarves- 

These are customized instant ice scarves with different cooling crystals. These custom printed towels Australia are the perfect gift for your employees and clients. They have cooling gel crystals in the interior side. The chilled crystals achieve the right level of temperature to give you comfort. When you have joint pain, headache, bruises, and abrasions, you will get the best feelings from these specially designed towels. 

Full-Size athletic cooling towels-

These logo-imprinted cooling towels are slightly bigger in size. They can cover most of the parts of your body. You may drape them over your shoulders to get cool feelings. Moreover, you can tie the towels around your waist to cool off the lower part of the body. These are mostly used by athletes and trainers in the gym, stadium, sports club and others. Even the owners or business person in these industries prefer to have customized cooling towel in larger sizes to gift to their loyal users on certain occasions. Sponsors of sports and games also choose to promote their brand by offering custom-printed cooling towels to the participants and others in the team.

Scented cooling towels-

You can buy these amazing towels as the promotional gifts. When the users start using the towel, they will feel the aroma. Some of us use them for aromatherapy treatment. Moreover, you may also buy them as your gym towel. The aroma emitted constantly by the cooling towel will stimulate your positive feelings. They will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Advertisers are eagerly looking for such towels to customize with their business logo and present as a free giveaway. They are great in gaining the attention of people around.

Ice towels for body wraps-

The market is also full of an array of personalized body wrap towels. You will get relief for long hours suing these towels as their cooling capacity is more than others. These towels will ensure comfort to different body parts as well. They will help you to reduce joint pain, neck muscle problems, and other similar conditions. Buy personalized cooling towels and use them as body wraps.

Custom Printed Towels Australia

Cooling headbands-

Headbands are smaller in size and they are the best for sportsmen as they absorb the moisture and sweat from your body. During your intense training and heavy activities, you can wear these headbands  even to prevent the hair falling on your forehead.

Depending on your needs, you can choose any of these cooling towels as your branded promotional items.

Cooling towels may also be categorized based on the fabrics. The best ones are microfiber towels due to their high absorbing capacity. You can look for latex-free towels to avoid allergies.

Find wide variety of cooling towels in different sizes and get them custom printed or embroidered with your logo and get delivered at your doorstep.

Author : Amit Ghia

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