Custom Printed Mugs & Water Bottles - Your Way To Reach Customers

Feb 03, 2020 08:00

Advances in printing technology and the imperatives of modern commerce have coalesced to output a range of interesting consumer products. These include custom printed mugs and water bottles that bring joy and cheer to modern consumers. These products also serve as interesting conversation pieces at home and in the workplace. Such developments have helped introduce amazing visual variety to the original concept of a coffee mug and add zing to the idea of a modern water bottle. In addition, these modern products allow business operators to reach new segments of customers, expand public awareness about a brand, and transmit bespoke commercial messages in competitive markets.

Mugs and Bottles as brand ambassadors

The proprietors of a commercial enterprise can design marketing strategies that center on providing buyers with custom printed mugs and water bottles. These products make for best promotional gifts that can lift a brand image in the public consciousness, and promote sales of products and services offered by sponsor brands. A range of colors, tints, images, and patterns, when designed and applied to mugs and bottles, add visual variety to such products. Such a strategy ensures the sponsor brand retains a presence in the minds of buyers long after a sale of such products has concluded.

There are various types of mugs and water bottles available in the market that can be used for promotional purposes. Likewise, the way to customize them also varies and they are made apt for specific set of recipients to make their presence impactful. Here are a few ways you can use the custom-printed mugs and bottles for generating brand awareness of your company.

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Interesting Photo Coffee Mugs

Organizations can get the mugs printed with employee photos or group phone of certain official event to build more personal connect with the people. In other cases, photo of organization’s memorable day can also be doen. Personally also you can use a photo coffee mug. Color images of family pictures or groups of friends, when digitally etched on coffee mugs and water bottles, transform the product into a souvenir that celebrates a particular picnic outing or a get-together or a cherished family event. This is entirely possible because coffee mug printing technologies have gained pace, thereby transforming a mundane mug into an item that can grace a family showcase. Office workers could bring such mugs to the workplace to adorn desks and remind them of family amidst hectic work schedules. Such services include cheap custom printed mugs online Australia and serve to expand the market for specialty gifts and mementos.

Designer Water Bottles with commercial messages

A wide variety of modern water bottles is shaped from toughened glass, shiny steel, durable polycarbonates, and composite materials. This situation can be leveraged by mass marketers that can buy wholesale water bottles with logo Australia and transmit focused messages to buyers and customers such as school-going children, young adults, sports persons, office employees, blue collar workers, home makers, and jogging enthusiasts (to name a few sets of users). The essential durability of these high-quality products ensures promotional messages resonate in the public domain for a long time, thus describing an intelligent marketing technique.

Toll-free Numbers on Mugs & Bottles

Custom printed mugs and water bottles can project artfully designed images that convey business contact information such as names of websites& mobile apps, and toll-free business numbers. When given away as items of promotional marketing, these artifacts encourage customers to connect with the sponsor business and initiate transactions that drive sales of products and services. Such a technique also brings awareness of a business brand to the minds of potential customers, thereby validating a sales strategy that hinges on promoting information via everyday products in the public domain. This is indeed an interesting way of promoting your brand without spending too much. Also, when you buy cheap custom printed mugs online Australia, you might get them at wholesale rate for further savings.

Coffee Mug Printing 

Mugs and bottles with logo and quotes

This is the most common and effective way of branding using a mug. Mostly, company’s logo is printed on the mugs and presented to employees on any event. To make them attract more eyeballs and leave impression in the mind of people, customization with some motivating quote or funky lines can also be a good idea. They do the work of brand promotion by engaging people. No matter where the mug is used; at home or in office, they are sure to gather people’s attention. Not only the user, but also people around the user get a glance of the mug and learn about the company’s logo. Likewise, water bottles, which are one of the most extensively used items at home or outdoors can do the job of your brand promotion. People take out water bottles anytime while at work, at home, while travelling, sitting in the park, in gym or any other place. This way, a product carrying your brand name gets to travel to distant places expanding the reach and visibility of your company’s name. These are also very cost effective. You can choose to buy wholesale water bottles with logo Australia, as most of the sellers provide customization service as well. So the cost of printing your logo on the bottles would come down naturally. 

Return gifts on company events, functions and celebrations

Unique designs printed on mugs and water bottles make for ideal return gifts on a variety of official occasions. Commercial manufacturers can offer sets of such products to buyers interested in unconventional gifts for guests attending corporate events like foundation day, annual day, sports day, etc. Custom-printed messages and images can add flair to these gifts, while thin-film jackets advertising the commercial service can add to the awareness of each recipient of such gifts. Such gifts are kept at home as a memento or are used frequently. Presenting them as return gift will not only earn the goodwill, but will make people use your product and become a passive brand ambassador. 

Buy mugs and water bottles with logo, Australia at the best rates and run your branding activity that gives your recurring benefits for a longer period of time.

Author : Amit Ghia

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