Different Types Of Pens And Tips To Choose The Right One

Jul 20, 2020 08:00

The world has seen tremendous development in the way we write, from ink-dipped wooden pens to keywords that can write endlessly. No matter how far have we reached with electronic mails, documents, letters, ebooks, and the whole lot of digital documents, the use of pens, its need, its beauty, and impact is never going to fade away. In the world of pens also, there have been a lot of shift in the make, design, writing, and look of the product. That is the reason why, pens are not only perceived as a writing instrument by students and academicians, but a product of mass penetration among the people owing to its unusual reach among all the segment of human society. The use of custom pens bulk is done on a massive scale by different businesses, industries, brand marketers, and owners to reach their prospects in a very efficient way and get noticed everyday by the users and others.

As an independent user, it is quite a task to identify as which pen is good for you and how you can select the best one for your use. Also, for branding purpose if you wish to procure bulk pens Australia, you should go with a high-quality pen that get extensively used by the recipients and extend the reach of your name to a wider spectrum of people. Here we have discussed a few types of pen, their features, usage, and applications.

Bulk Pens Australia

Types of Pens

Fountain Pens

These pens are fueled with water-based ink and truly a treasure to keep. They are also a few early types of pens which almost all of us have used at the beginning of our writing days with a pen. They are mostly recommended to use in the beginning years to help enhance the handwriting, get a grip of the pen, and learn how to go smoothly and slowly without committing mistakes while writing words.

Many people get delighted using these pens with nib going round on the page creating some exclusive experience of writing. However, while using such pens, you must use it properly as the liquid ink smudges too easily. The nib, if not used softly can also bend and then you cannot use the pen at all. Also, keeping it safe in upright position is important or else the ink will spill out through the nib.

In modern days, custom-designed fountain pens are considered a thing of high importance which can be used as a gift or a giveaway to clients, employees, delegates and other people who are crucial to your business. They can be gift packed in an attractive case to be used in any of your official event or corporate event. Suppliers of custom pens bulk would surely offer you personalized fountain pens on your request. 

Ballpoint Pen

The ballpoint pens introduced after the fountain pens, almost came like a revolution in the world of stationery. These sleek, fast moving, easy-to-carry pens are completely free of smudging and allows fast writing. They are also available in various shapes, designs, materials, and looks to cater to the interest of every single user with varying choices. From kids to working professionals, housewives, academicians, and corporate employees, everyone use this pen with the same convenience.

A few popular types of ballpoint pens include plastic pens, metal pens, wooden pens, pen with multiple color refills, and others. These days ballpoint pens with stylus has entered the market and meeting the needs of netizens who need to surf their digital devices too quickly. It is a specially chosen product for brand promotion these days with marketers spending huge on these products which easily build rapport with the users. You can buy pens in bulk for promotional needs and run your marketing campaign in a much lesser cost.

Deluxe Metal Promotional Pens In Bulk

Roller-ball pens

For dark writing these pens are preferred which give the ease of using a ball pen while the ink is kind of liquid-based. The water-based ink gives attractive look to your handwriting while the ball on the tip of the refill moves extremely easily as if it is gliding. School kids are especially fond of these pens. For branding needs, you can buy custom pens bulk and distribute among the people as a giveaway to build good reputation. 

Gel pens

These pens have water-based ink with little addition of oil which allows the pen to glide. They also have ball tips for smooth writing experience. They really give a richer look to the writing and are available in various shades ranging from light blue to dark blue, red, and green as well.

The pen body can easily be customized with a company’s name, logo, text or any image for promotional needs

The market is flooded with pens of different genres and budgets. In lookout of promotional pens you find plenty of pens that can be easily customized as per your specific need. You can order bulk pens Australia at the best prices and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Author : Amit Ghia

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