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Dec 05, 2019 08:00

Branding and promotion are part and parcel of any business. Every business needs a strong promotional campaign to support the business. Marketing through cheap promotional gifts is one such type of marketing strategy adopted by almost every business. After all, deriving best results with minimum investment remains at the core of good advertising plan. That is why, business promoters and marketers always look for activities or products that ensure maximum reach in minimum budget. One of such marketing products is Custom Printed Novelty Pens. The overall cost of marketing through these pens is just a fragment of overall expenditure. Moreover, the profit they bring is huge compared to the cost and other types of expensive marketing modes chosen by people. It is definitely a must try option.

Types of pens you can use for promotion

Plastic pens: Those looking for bulk buying of pens which look vibrant and can just run in the market like anything should look for plastic pens. Marketers, even with minimum budget, would get some highly attractive product in this category. Not only this, people with a little higher budget can choose to go with deluxe plastic pens. You will find multitude of colors and the pens are also easily customizable.

Promotional Printed Pens

Metal Pens: In this category also, you will find cheap metal pens as well as deluxe metal pens. If you are looking for something innovative, then go with stylus metal pens as they have added feature. 

Highlighters: These are also quite a trending product these days for promotional purposes. Highlighter with pen is also available which is one of the perfect items for corporate gifting among the employees. The pen bodies are also available in wood or bamboo that makes them all the way more attractive and eco-friendly.

Stylus pen: These pens are available in sparkling beautiful colors and do the task of pens as well as stylus. The body can be of metals as well as plastic and are suitable to be used as a stylus in touch screen mobile phones. When you present such a gift to your clients, your brand name printed on the pen will get noticed for sure. Moreover, innovative things are easily noticed and recalled by the people. So, present such a multi-purpose pen can extend your brand reach beyond your geographical limitations.

Novelty pens: These come for a little higher cost, but the features are also amazing. This is one of the perfect items to promote your brand as the pen surface provides highly creative ideas of brand promotion. One of such pens gives vision to your message as every time the push button is clicked, one message displays on the pen body. It will keep on changing displaying different texts on the vision surface. There are many more items under the category of novelty pens.

Engraved pens: It is one of the classy promotional pens that come in set of two or more. The sleek and stylish body of the pen looks very attractive and is suitable for gifting to your esteemed clients and prospects. They are available in different metallic colors that look descent. You can also get every single pen in separate pen case which can also be customized with your company name. With sensible customization techniques, you can surely conduct a highly rewarding marketing campaign for your company within the pre-defined budget.

Some good reasons to adopt promotional pens as an advertising vehicle

The present era is of digital marketing. You can see ads and more ads everywhere. Be it Facebook or any other platform on the internet, these ads keep popping up again and again. While walking on roads, you can see flyers and billboards all over the roads. Even the ads are there on newspapers and magazines. Seeing lots of ads everywhere people get tired and oblivious too. So here the promotional products come into play. There cannot be a better product than promotional printed pens. Not everyone will give promotional pens to its customer, client base or partners. So being different can definitely be advantageous for you. Instead of going on the same road as others, you can choose to be bit different and that actually works for you.

Novelty wholesale Australia brings brand awareness among the customers. Customers start recognizing the brand by the name itself. People using your promotional pens will remember about your brand for minimum two years to come. Whenever such people will have requirement related to your niche, you will be their first choice.

Apart from this the benefits of promotional pens are worth the money spend on them. Since these pens have a long life cycle, your targeted audience can see your logo and brand name in their day to day life. When printed pens are purchased in bulk, the overall cost is reduced. So it is definitely advantageous to give these pens a try.

Custom Printed Novelty Pens

Why are promotional pens the best-selling promotional product?

Custom Printed Novelty Pens are an effective marketing tool. They have vast potential to bring profit and leads for your business. These pens are the best selling items because they are the most widely used product, easy to carry, unperishable, and respected item. It can become a product which truly is the reflection of your business.

For cheap promotional gifts it is the perceived value that holds importance rather than real one. Pen is such an item that anyone can buy. But getting it as gift has its own importance. These printed pens are no less than your brand advocates. They are used everywhere at school, workplace, meetings, office and home.

Why only promotional pens and not any other product?

It is a fact that more than 50% of the patrons will have a promotional pen. Brand owners today know how good promotional printed pens can be for their business. Even the cheapest of any other promotional item costs much higher than the cost of pens. It is worth spending money on its purchase. These promotional pens, if used effectively can outweigh any other mode of promotions requiring huge investments. Also, since these pens remains in usage for too long, it keeps on giving recurring visibility to your brand name for a longer period of time.

Author : Amit Ghia

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