Drink Water From BPA-Free Bottles- Keep Your Health Safe

Jul 26, 2021 08:00

Drinking bottles are the most common containers to hold water and use on-the-go by people of every age. However, today’s modern consumers like to know how much safe these bottles are for their health. Sine the market is flooded with such types of bottles in different price range, it is a matter of concern as which bottle is safe to use. The materials used for the bottles are one of the major factors that decide the level of safety while buying these water bottles. These days, looking at the essentiality of these bottles, they are also increasingly being used as branded promotional products by many business owners and brand advertisers. As an employer, you might also choose to have one such bottle to be used as a corporate gift in any of your events. However, you would never like to invest in branded bottles that affect your employees’ health and spoil your reputation. That is why you can look for safe, BPA-free bottles. Now, let’s understand why we need BPA free bottles and where to buy them. 

Best Sports Drink Bottle

In the present market, there is a large number of plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are harmful, especially because of the presence of BPA and other detrimental particles. While drinking your water from these bottles, you have a chance of ingesting BPA. Especially, if you are storing water for too long or keeping warm water inside these bottles, then the chances of getting BPA ingested in your body is too high. Thus, these bottles increase the health risks. To avoid this problem, you can buy BPA free plastic water bottles in bulk Australia. 

Know about BPA-

Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used for making resins and plastics since the 1950s. You can find BPA in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. Some manufacturers use these plastics to design their containers for beverage and food storage.

Metal products (like dental sealants) are also coated with epoxy resins.

As the containers contain BPA, it can seep into your beverage. The contact with BPA can cause serious health effects. Regular consumption of contaminated water can cause cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and blood pressure problems. According to FDA, BPA is risk less at a low level. Still, you can look for BPA-free clear plastic drinking bottles. Your water and other beverages have no chance of contamination.

Are BPA-free bottles costlier?

The price of reusable BPA-free drinking bottles is not much different from other bottles. Several manufacturers are now pressured to design BPA-free products. Thus, you will have no problem while placing an order for these safe drinking bottles. The best sports drink bottle must be free from BPA to ensure no health concern to consumers. You may buy stainless steel models to keep away from BPA and any other harmful contaminants. 

How to know that your plastic bottle has no BPA- 

Turn the container upside down. Then, you can check the base of the container. In most cases, it displays plastic resin identification code. The numeric symbol ranges from 1 to 7. Any number from 1 to 6 indicates that there is no BPA. But, the numbers 3 and 7 can warn you about the presence of BPA. 

During the manufacturing process, the identification codes are embossed onto the plastic bottles.  One cannot alter the moulded symbol in any way.

Other products that contain BPA-

  • CD and DVD
  • Food cans
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Baby bottles
  • Contact lens

How do BPA-free bottles save the environment?

 By choosing a BPA-free bottle, you do not need to be concerned about the way of discarding it. While manufacturing this bottle, fewer toxins and fossil fuels are emitted. That is why these water bottles do not leave high carbon footprint.

Clear Plastic Drinking Bottles

Where to buy BPA-free bottles? 

The BPA free bottles come with a tag that mentions that the bottle is BPA free. They are available in almost all the stores selling drinking bottles of various types. Specifically, you can find reliable bottles in the online stores as well where you get the opportunity to compare different types of bottles, check for their safety level, cost and take an informed decision.

If you are buying custom-printed or customized logo printed BPA-free bottle, then you must look for some reliable supplier of promotional items in Australia. They would surely offer reliable products being in the industry for too long. However, you can also check the review of such providers online to get an idea as how do the customers feel about them. Once satisfied, you can select a proper size of the bottle and order them in bulk for your next promotional event.

Find a wide variety of BPA free water bottles along with customization services for Australia and get the best prices on them. Explore and order NOW! For promotional gifting, you don’t only need a cooler bag but also customization or personalization of the bag. It would be great if you go with a wholesale supplier of cooler bags in Australia, which offers you different models of the bag along with the logo printing services to meet all your needs under one umbrella. Once you are satisfied with the preview of the product, order them in bulk and get doorstep delivery.

Author : Amit Ghia

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