Duffle bags

Mar 27, 2018 08:00

Make duffel bags your travel buddy for small trips

A small getaway or weekend trip demands a small bag, as carrying a big suitcase would be rather very impractical. The Duffle bags suit the best in the short trips when you do not have to carry much stuff. Now, what is a duffle bag? It comes in the shape of a cylinder and is made of cloth so that one can mold it into the shape one prefers to. It is not hard cased, so you can fit in the things as you want to carry. Just don’t stuff excess so that the bag gives way.

Well, you might wonder where the bag got its name from. It is from a small town in Belgium named Duffel where the thick cloth used to make the bag had originated. This was back in the seventeenth century.

How to pack your Duffel bag?

You might wonder what is so difficult in packing a bag for a trip. It just needs stuffing into things in the bag, zipping it up and get going. But there is more to packing a bag. Follow the steps below to know it.

  • Before you start packing the bag make sure to fold the edges of the bag to get easy access to the bottom of the bag, to make it more spacious and to make more room for things.
  • When you start packing you, need to make a priority list. Keep all the things on top which you will need to take out during the trip frequently. If there are no clothing items which you might not need place it at the bottom depending on the durability. In case you are carrying perishable food items those should be placed at the top. Always keep heavyweight items at the bottom and fill the top with light weighed articles.
  • The most important part of packing is to fit in most of the clothes. Roll up the clothes in a cylindrical manner and fill the sides of the bag. There should be no space remaining among the clothes.
  • After you have reached almost the top of the bag and there are some little places, fit in the toiletries and other small things like medications in the small compartments of the bag. Small items like socks or underwear can easily slide in.
  • To make more space for other things shake up the bag, you can fit in little more things in this way in case it is almost brimmed up.
  • After you are done with the packing, secure the bag with a lock. Use a TSA lock. These locks help the bag from any potential theft, but the airport officials can easily access it if any doubt arises.

These bags are ideal travel buddy. They are easier to carry and can have a funky look than the boring suitcase. Duffle bags are very easy to carry compared to other luggage in case your trip has multiple stops.


Author : Amit Ghia

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