Duffle Bags Versus Suitcase- Which One Is Better For You?

Jul 29, 2021 08:00

Travelling for various needs is too common for all of us and often it becomes stressful. Large crowds, long queues, and anticipation of being late are some of the stresses that are unavoidable. However, the stress is somehow manageable when your basic essentials are easily accessible to you and the load you carry is bearable. But, how do you pack those essentials to get ready for the trip? Thus, the most important thing for a traveller is the bag and properly packing it, not to miss any of the essential items. Some travellers cannot decide on the type of luggage that would serve their purposes. They get confused as what to choose for carrying their stuffs. The most commonly chosen options are the cheap duffle bags and suitcases. Still, which one of them is the perfect choice for your needs?There are a lot of factors that will help you decide. Apart from the nature of things you would be carrying, the size, make, material of the bag also makes a huge difference to your experience. We will check all these factors to come out with a solution as which one is best suited for you.

You can claim that classic duffle bags with multiple pockets are the best options for travellers. However, both duffle bags and suitcases have pros and cons.

 Sport Duffel Bag

Duffle bags- Know the pros and cons-

Security- Some users argue that duffels are highly secure. While buying for duffel bags, you can search for the ones with lockable zips. Your duffle bag may not have this feature. In that case, you can thread a padlock to keep your things secure.Moreover, you must not store costly items in the side pockets. However, the modern designs come with a lot of security. They cost on the higher side and the traditional designs of duffle do not offer this feature.

Capacity- A sport duffel bag is available in different sizes and shapes. It can range from small carry-on bags to 200 litre model. You will also find other bigger designs. Based on the type of sports gears and equipment to be carried, you may decide on the capacity and shape of your bags. The conventional style duffel bags have a cylindrical shape with a flat base. The rectangular ones are also spacious in design. Check for the surface of the bottom as they should be stern to provide support when you place them on the ground or any other surface. Some cloth duffle bags just have a fabric base which should be carefully used, especially while placing them on the floors.

Transport- One of the major advantages of choosing duffels is that they are highly portable. For your short trip, you can buy personalised duffle bags Australia. It is better to look for weatherproof bags that do not damage your items. In most cases, users choose duffels while they are on the sports trip and the diving trip. But, when the bag is heavy and the straps are narrow, duffels become slightly painful.

Way to carry: Duffle bags are usually carried across the shoulders as they have a long shoulder strap. They are also equipped with short handles to offer easy carriage. Today’s modern designs are also bringing duffle bags with wheels to allow easy carriage if they are too big and heavy. However, the most commonly used duffels have only straps.

Cheap Duffle Bags

Suitcases- Positive and negative sides-

Security- The hardshell case can secure your items, as it is integrated with latches. However, you need force to open them. Good suitcases are integrated with premium-quality, TSA-approved locks.

Capacity- You can put several items into a big suitcase. The rectangular suitcase enables you to stuff your items into it. You can make the optimal use of the space. The softshell case is also available for your needs. You can carry your personal belongings and travel kits efficiently. However, suitcases can cover a good amount of space, and you may not be able to compress them.

Transport- Wheeled suitcases are easier to move through the hard surfaces. But, travellers do not like their bulky designs. That is why companies in the traveling industry prefer duffel bags as the corporate promotional items. Duffel bags are customisable with your brand names.

Way to carry- Suitcases these days are mostly with wheels which make them easy to carry no matter what the load is. They also come with long stretchable handles with a push button that makes pulling them even easier. These are definitely the best choice if you have to travel with long walks that require you to pull your luggage conveniently.

Now, you know all the features of a duffle bag and a suitcase and you can easily select anyone of them as per your need. Order custom –printed logo with your preferred features and get them at the wholesale rates on bulk order.


Author : Amit Ghia

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