Ensure Effective Customization Of Kitchen Aprons With These Tricks

May 17, 2021 08:00

Whether you are a professional chef or loved to cook for your loved ones, a good kitchen apron is a practical solution for occasional mess and splashes. High quality custom aprons not only help in keeping your clothes clean from the ‘unplanned accidents’ but they look extremely stylish too. Not only in kitchens, but their application in other industries is also very common and important for the safety of the user. However, they are also worn as a part of resemblance to a brand and increases its visibility. In this article, we will be listing ways to customize your kitchen apron and other things to keep in mind while doing so. Whether you are a business or an individual, here you will surely find something useful.

Cotton Aprons Bulk

Choice of Apron

The customization will vary with the type of apron you are choosing and that depends on the type of requirement that you have. Various types of aprons are available in the market that is suited for different places and professions. For instance, Tuxedo aprons that are majorly worn by the frontline waiters will have different kinds of personalization to chef aprons worn by the kitchen staff. Similarly, bistro aprons that are worn by front house staff that covers the pant area of the personnel will require a unique kind of logo printing. Various aprons include server and waist aprons, 4-way aprons, bistro aprons, bib aprons, tuxedo aprons, cobbler aprons, dishwashers aprons and disposable aprons. For each of these different types and designs of aprons, the customization process and its placement might vary to give it maximum visibility.

Printing or embroidery

This method is topping the chart when we talk about customized aprons. If you are a business and looking for personalised aprons with logo for your employees, then you have definitely chosen a practical way to create uniformity among your staff. However, if you are an individual and looking to customize an apron with the name or personal message as a gift, it is an excellent choice too. When looking to get the apron printed or embroidered, consider getting it on the front side, as it is more visible and can be played with various fonts and styles. Take care of the apron color and the logo or text color. A contrast colour combination works best. Also consider the fabric quality as whether it will give support to prints or the embroidered threads. Make sure to use the best quality customization techniques so that your logo does not fade away or unwind. A poorly visible logo design will only spoil your image rather than doing any good.

Getting the business logo

Practical gifts will always remain on top of the list when talking about marketing giveaway items. Aprons with business logos printed on them can be given to people during a cooking event like cooking equipment exhibition, trade shows, or any fun event. These are perfect to give away to your employees if you are in a culinary-related business. Your customers and employees will remember your brand whenever they wear these aprons. However, order only custom-printed aprons to fulfil your purpose. A promotional item must have company’s logo exhibited in an attractive manner to make people turn and look at it to have maximum brand recall time.

The fabric of the Apron

The fabric choice plays an important role in customization. For instance, if you are planning to buy cotton aprons bulk, these can be printed or embroidered whichever way you like. But if the fabric is a mix of cotton or polyester or completely polyester, then embroidery would be a challenging task. Screen or laser printing is most suited to such fabrics. Also the thickness of the fabric has to play a role. Consider all these aspects while ordering bulk aprons online. You can also get customization ideas from the supplier of promotional products in Australia for better understanding. 

High Quality Custom Aprons

Printing Dye

The dye that is used for the printing should not fade if the aprons are washed away. If screen printing is chosen, it should be of decent quality so that it doesn’t chip off after some time. You can check the review of such dyes and their effectiveness on aprons. By talking to the supplier you can discuss about other printing options or dye quality for better selection.

Customized aprons are a great way to brand your business and act a subtle piece of uniform for the employees. We hope that these points help you out before making your next purchase of aprons. Remember, effective customization can help you display your brand in a more creative way. On orders of bulk aprons, you would even end up getting free customization services. Order NOW!


Author : Amit Ghia

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