Everything That You Must Know About Satchel Bags

Jul 28, 2022 08:00

The term ‘satchel’ easily reminds you of the world of bags. But, what type of bag is a satchel? Bag users are found ambiguous when they try to define satchel. Is it a type of handbag? Or a tote? Before buying satchel bags in bulk, you need to know about them. 

Satchels- How did they enter the bag world?

No one is sure about the origin of the satchel bag. However, it is used as one of the popular fashion accessories in different English countries. The original satchel style is related to the Cambridge and Oxford styles. It was available with features like the front flap and a pouch.

Satchel Bags In Bulk

Today, a satchel is available in several versions, including double and single pockets on the front side. Some satchels also have a handle at the top. But, some satchels have 2 straps to make them suitable for professionals and students. These users need to keep their bags secure while carrying books. 

How satchels gained popularity?

As satchels had been originally popular among scholarly persons, they had a studious look. Still, these bags appear to be classy and timeless. You can notice contemporary fashion in the latest satchel bags. 

Fashion-conscious women have accepted these bags for their daily needs. 

What are the special features of satchel bags?

To say simply, a satchel is a bag designed for carrying books. But, consumers have started using them for several other purposes. So, it is good to analyze the features in detail. 

Highly sturdy material- As a satchel is intended to carry heavy items like laptops and bags, it is made of strong fabric. Moreover, it can endure the pressure of its content. That is why leather satchels have become the best choice for consumers. As this natural material is highly malleable, manufacturers like to use it for designing bags.

Adjustable straps- Straps of satchels are adjustable, and it is one of the unique features of the bag. Thus, straps are similar to the buckle fastener of a bag. By adjusting them, you can carry the bag comfortably. Moreover, adjustability ensures that the bag securely fits on your body.

Cross-body design- In most cases, users wear the satchel as a cross-body bag. So, the bag straps are placed across the lower back and front part of the chest.

These are some key features of satchels. While buying satchels as promotional giveaway items, you have to check for these features.

Satchel bags- Available in a range of styles-

Conventional style satchels made of leather include multiple buckles, fasteners, and shoulder straps. However, they are available in different patterns and shades. The most popular style in the market is the satchel purse. It almost looks like a shoulder bag but does not have 2 straps. It has a flap covering, shoulder strap, and a number of stylish pockets outlining the front side of the bag. Thus, the satchel is available in a purse style. 

Another version is the cross-body satchel, which has a more modern look. Its characteristics are similar to satchels that have different compartments, straps, and belts. But, the cross-body model is much smaller, and you can hide it behind your jacket. You can choose any of these styles for buying wholesale satchel bags.

How are satchels different from other bags?

Satchels differ from totes, although they have some similar characteristics. For instance, both have handles to let you carry around the bags. However, the major difference is in their sizes and shapes. Large totes are found in square and rectangular shapes. But, there are also smaller totes in the market. On the contrary, satchels have 2 size options- large and medium.

Moreover, while totes have an open mouth, satchels have a closed and secure design. Buckles and belts ensure that your things will be safe inside the satchel bag.

Wholesale Satchel Bags

Satchels are also different from handbags. The major purpose of satchels is to carry laptops and books. However, handbags are best for holding your makeup items, cell phones, and wallets. 

You can buy promotional satchels and handbags for your employees, as both are useful for everyday needs. By understanding the difference between these bags, you can pick the right one. 

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Author : Amit Ghia

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