Everything You Need To Know About Hoodies

Jun 22, 2022 08:00

What are the most common warm garments in your wardrobe collection for winter days? Almost everyone includes hoodies in his list. Warm clothing with a hood at the back and long sleeves can make you feel comfortable. A hooded sweatshirt with an integrated drawstring hood lets you create a fashion statement. Nowadays, hoodies are sold as one of wholesale embroidery items

Hoodies and their origins-

A hoodie is the best wardrobe clothing introduced in the market during the early 1930s. Champion’s sportswear label created the first hoodies for labourers and athletes who need optimal protection from weather elements. 

Promotional Custom Hoodies

Later, sports teams in the college started looking for warmer outfits for winter. That is why these hoodies became popular among young users in the 1960s. 

Then, in the 1970s, graffiti artists, break-dancers, and other professionals started wearing hoodies. Nowadays, hoodies have become a part of fashion for men. So, you can buy custom printed hoodies to transform your style. 

Why should you buy hoodies? 

Hoodies are multi-functional-

Versatility is the major reason for purchasing hoodies. You may pair up your hoodies with your jeans, shorts, skirts, slacks, and a t-shirt. 

Best for any type of activity-

While travelling somewhere, you can put on your hoodies. These warm garments will make you feel comfortable when you are jogging, running, hiking, and doing gym activities.  

Give warm feelings-

Due to the soft fleece lining of the hoodie, you will feel cosy on the cold winter days. You may also put on a t-shirt beneath the hoodie. 

Available in a range of styles-

Hoodies are available with and without pockets. Some hoodies have a zipper at the front, while others have a pullover style. The faux fur-lined hoodie is the best choice on the coldest days of the year. 

Best winter gifts-

You may have started searching for some special Christmas gifts for your employees. Promotional custom hoodies will be the most valuable gift for your employees, as they can wear these outfits throughout the winter season. You will be able to personalise the hoodies by printing your brand name. 

When should you wear hoodies?

In most cases, hoodies are used as winter wear. To retain warm feelings, you can wear hoodies made of cotton. The thicker cotton hoodies will make you feel warmer.

Moreover, hoodies make you look best on both casual and formal occasions. So, you can put on hoodies while attending a business event or encountering your friends.

You do not need to put on collared shirts while wearing a hoodie as the formal garment. It is better to wear shirts that have no collars. For instance, t-shirts are the right choice for pairing with your hoodies.  

Hoodies are of different types- 

Baja hoodies-

Made from soft cloth, these hoodies are also known as Baja ponchos. They are multicoloured hoodies with eye-catching looking. 

Pullover hoodies-

The pullover hoodie is the most popular design for both men and women. These comfy hoodies are slightly thicker and have no zips. You can wear these hoodies in the autumn season. 

Branded Hoodies

Fur hoodies-

On the colder days of the winter months, you can wear fur hoodies. Designers have added fur around the arm cuffs, hood, and interior side. In some cases, fur is used for every part of the hoodie. Based on your preferences and budget, you can buy the best hoodies. 

Slim-fit hoodies-

You will look slimmer due to these hoodies. Make sure that you have a slim body to look best with this type of hoodie.  

Zip-up hoodies-

They are different from pullovers as they include zips. You can adjust these zips to have the best feelings on the colder and warmer days. 

Skate hoodies-

From the name ‘skate hoodies, you can easily guess, that they are best for skaters. They are mostly available in sleeveless designs. 

The major purpose of these hoodies is to retain warmth in your chest. During your skating session, as you prefer a wind-resistant solution, these hoodies can be the best choice. It does not cost much to buy the skate hoodies.  

Branded hoodies are high-quality outfits and they are available in timeless designs. You can choose any of them for your needs. We at Promotions247, have a wide variety of hoodies in different sizes and colours. You can choose to go with a plain or single color hoodie and get them custom-printed with your business logo to be used as a free giveaway or a corporate gift for your employees.

Explore the huge collection and select any one of them and place an order in bulk at wholesale rates. We deliver across Australia to locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and others. Order now and give a new lease of life to your branding campaigns through the right choice of products.

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