Everything You Should Know About White Towels

May 23, 2022 08:00

Towels are one of the common accessories in your bathroom. In fact, several hotels have started investing in custom-designed towels as their promotional gifts. Stores selling promotional products online can provide you with high-quality towels.

But, how do you choose the right towels while buying them from a store? Surely, you check the fabric quality and other characteristics to pick the best one. However, some buyers prefer buying white towels for their needs. Colorful towels also have become popular in recent years. Interestingly, there are myths about white towels made from microfiber and some other fabrics.

Bath towels trap several bacteria every day. Without proper cleaning, they can spread diseases and affect your health. One common misconception is that bath towels can become dirtier within a short time. As they are white, dirt and stains are visible to you.

On the contrary, coloured towels are preferable because stains cannot be seen on the fabric. These towels can hide the dirt easily. That is why users do not think of washing them regularly. It will be harmful to them in due course.

Lack of hygiene also results in the development of a sour and musty smell. Moreover, the dirty towel will cause the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Custom Printed Beach Towel Australia

So, it is better to buy a white-coloured custom-printed beach towel Australia. The dirty and stained towel will remind you that it is time for cleaning.  

Why should you choose white bathroom towels and beach towels?

  • White towels are easy to clean-

There is no need to be concerned about colour fading problems. You may use bleach to wash the towels and remove stains. Moreover, hot water is also effective in cleaning your towels without damaging the fabric.

Hot water is also important for killing bacteria on your towel. So, you can easily sanitize your towels every day. Your white towels will not be smelly due to regular maintenance. For this reason, spas and hotels buy white towels for their daily needs.

  • Look highly elegant-

One of the best facts about white towels is their aesthetics. They can match almost any bathroom décor. You can purchase soft, high-quality towels that look luxurious.

  • White towels are a lasting solution-

Consumers have found white towels more resilient than the coloured ones. As their colours do not fade, they do not need replacement.

Some cotton towels are of lower quality, and they become weak faster due to the stress caused to them by machine washing. You can invest in premium towels that do not have frequent wear and tear. Although they are slightly costlier, they are softer and have a high absorbency rate.

White towels getting stained within a short time? Find the reason-

  • The use of too much detergent can result in a dingy look. Detergent buildups affect the aesthetic value of your towels. But, without detergent, you cannot clean your towels properly. Thus, you can stick to manufacturers’ instructions while dealing with white promotional golf towels.
  • Hard water, containing magnesium and calcium, is another reason for stains on the white towels. Accumulation of minerals can make white fabrics yellow and grey. But, how do you identify the hard water? You can fill a container with tap water. Add some liquid soap to it. Close the lid and shake the container. Bubbles on the top of the clear water indicate that it is softer water.
  • Your white towels may get stained when you wash them with other coloured fabrics. The towels will look the original beauty, and thus, you must be careful about this fact.
  • Chlorine bleach is the safest choice for white fabrics. You must not use oxygen bleach for your towels. But, too much use of chlorine beach will damage your towel fabrics. Cotton and other natural fibres will have a yellowish stain due to your chlorine bleach. Thus, you must check manufacturers’ guidelines for safe maintenance. 

You can use baking soda, detergent, and white vinegar for cleaning your white towels. Especially the soda is essential for pre-soaking the towel. After cleaning it, you can air dry the towel. Avoid using a dryer for your delicate towel fabrics. So, buy wholesale towels in bulk and maintain them properly.

Wholesale Towels In Bulk

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Author : Amit Ghia

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