Explore Some Unique And Unusual Promotional Gifts

Aug 26, 2021 08:00

The marketing trends have seen changes from time to time. But one method that stands out in promotion strategy is giving promotional gifts to clients, employees, and customers. This is the best way to inculcate the interest of people in your product and live in their memories. This is a way in which people can recognize your brand for longer time and come back to you whenever they need something like your offerings. Also, the customers tend to remember the brand for a long duration through the use of such products which keep on reminding them of your brand logo. This results in a boost in sales in the long term and always fetches good results for a brand. 

Despite knowing the multiple benefits of a promotional product, it becomes challenging for a buyer to decide on the right choice of the product. There are plenty actually. So what matters most is what fits in your budget and does something innovative comes in that range. For this you need to do a little research on the availability of unique and budget-friendly promotional products. Here are a few tips that can help you.

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Which products can the companies use for promotion?

As seen promotional gifts is the best way to make the brand visible in the market and have an edge over your competitors. But the question is which products can be used as a promotional gift. Products like pens, backpacks, cotton bags, water bottles, notebooks, screen printed beach towelskey chains are a few of them. The company needs to check all the avenues and see which product is best suited to their business and the type of customers. Some of the unique and unusual promotional gifts are listed below.

Custom-printed T-shirts

This is the most used and highly effective promotional gift. Companies get their brand name or contact information printed on the T-shirts and gives it as a promotional gift to their clients, customers, and employees. When a person steps out wearing a custom printed T-shirt the brand becomes visible to numerous other people he comes in contact with. So the amount of exposure and promotion this printed T-shirt gives to the business is simply incomparable.


Another very unique yet useful promotional gift is a keychain. A brand can get the keychain customized as per their business and present it to the delegates, clients, customers, etc. This is a very useful item as it is used on daily basis. People attach their keys to the keychain which keeps their keys safe and protect them. The keys are mostly carried by people almost everywhere they go. So along with keys, the keychain is also carried along. And the keychain does the work of promotion. Some innovative designs include keychains with pen drives, stylus and others.

Small Eco Plant

Another very unique and eco-friendly option for promotion is the small eco plant. This is the best way to promote the business and also the slogan go green. People in present times tend to use eco-friendly products that are environment friendly. And one of the best ways to promote it is printed small eco plant. You can present it to your employees, clients, and esteemed customers during festivals or any other important occasions. The pots can be beautifully printed with company’s logo in vibrant colors. They are suitable to be kept on desks in office or at home and is loved by all. 

Beach Towels

Another very useful promotional item is a beach towel. People usually prefer going on a beach holiday during vacations. And a towel is one of the most important things you require when you go to the beach. It is used to wipe off the sand and water from the body. The promotional beach towel can give much-needed exposure as numerous people on the beach will be able to see the brand details printed on the towel. You will find plenty of designs of beach towels for men, women, and kids in single color as well as printed patterns. The cost depends on the quality of the fabric and the type of customization that can be either print or embroidery. 

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These are some of the unusual promotional gifts that can be included in the marketing strategy. These products will give the desired results and will increase sales and promote the brand. When you want to get the promotional item in bulk then wholesale suppliers can be contacted. Wholesale beach towels suppliers are the best to get the beach towels printed. 

Find more unique promotional items online and choose anyone of them as per your budget and type of recipient. On bulk orders, you would also get good discounts, so look for a wholesale supplier of these products across Australia to get the best deals. Checkout now and place an order.


Author : Amit Ghia

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