Features Of Heavy-Duty Umbrellas You Must Look For

Aug 16, 2021 08:00

A hot and sunny day means that you can have a great time swimming in the pool or relax under your chaise lounge. But many a times, the patio umbrellas cannot meet your purpose because they are fixed and make you stay at the same place if you want to chill in the shade.It can be a great idea to carry your own umbrella to places to enjoy the must needed freedom you deserve. There are plenty of personal umbrellas in the market, however, the choosing the one that is strong, durable, and heavy-duty can be the best choice. Whatever type of umbrella you may be searching for, you should know the features of it before purchasing so that you can buy the best one for yourself.

 Not only the umbrellas to be carried but also the one sedentary umbrellas fixed to a place should have certain features to give the comfort you are looking for. Let’s get to know these features to make the best choice and get value on your money. 

High Quality Promotional Umbrellas

Heavy-duty umbrellas

Heavy-duty umbrellas are the ones used to sit under the sun may be on a beach or near a swimming pool. You can also use them as protection during heavy rainfall. But not all heavy-duty umbrellas can withstand it. You need to buy good-quality umbrellas that can bear the scorching heat of the sun or the extremely heavy rainfall. Listed below are the features of a good heavy-duty umbrella.  

Features of a heavy-duty umbrella

As seen heavy-duty folding umbrella is used in very harsh conditions so the best umbrella should have some features to do the work properly. The first and foremost feature of a heavy-duty umbrella is its easiness to use. These umbrellas should be designed in such a way that they can give you the convenient shade option and make you feel comfortable. The umbrellas made up of high quality have a pulley system, push-up, and tilt way of working. Also, high-quality umbrellas ensure that it is easy to open as well as close the mobile canopy easily. Apart from these features, you should remember few things when purchasing a heavy-duty umbrella.  

  1. The area that requires to be covered with the fabric

In case you are purchasing the umbrella for dining tables for the cafe area 

for a maximum of 8 people, then you require cafe umbrellas wholesale. This kind of umbrella has a pole at the center that can be mounted at the center of the table and has a base to rest on. They also have canopies and can be easily opened and closed via a pulley system. In the case of the large dining area, you can use a cantilever umbrella that is best suited. These umbrellas have tilt feature and it comes in various colors and fabrics. They are perfect for outdoor cafes, open restaurants, and others. Even beach umbrellas can be of the same size to accommodate a couple of people under it. 

2) Shape and size of the area to be shaded

Market umbrella

  • Round table- octagonal shape
  • Square/rectangular table- square/rectangular shape

.Cantilever umbrella 

In this case, you can check the area that needs to be shaded and accordingly choose the best option. For business needs, you must get the umbrella with your business logo printed on it. This will suffice two purposes of giving the shade while offering outdoor promotion to your brand. 

3) Climate

For windy areas, high quality and flexible canopy with a pole having a large diameter are suitable. Also, it is advisable to close the umbrella when not in use. For the area near the ocean, use the umbrella with an aluminum pole. It will also withstand the wear and tear due to outdoor exposure. 

Heavy Duty Folding Umbrella

Promotional heavy-duty umbrellas are ruling the market

In the present times, the market is competition ridden and organizations make various promotional strategies. One of the most adopted strategies is promotional items with logo. One such promotional item is high quality promotional umbrellas. This is the best marketing tool as it is used in a public place where a lot many people visit. They can see the company details printed and it gives unlimited exposure to the brand. If you are running any business that requires you to be outdoors, then going with promotional using a heavy-duty umbrella is the best option. Also, for organizing any outdoor campaign or corporate activity that requires some outdoor arrangements, use the custom-printed umbrellas that flaunt your business logo and continue with your branding campaign side wise. 

Discover huge variety of high-quality heavy duty business umbrellas under one roof and select a proper type as per your need. Get your logo printed on them with the proper fabric choice. Get all these services at highly affordable price on bulk order. Place an order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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