Find Some Unique Ways Of Reusing Your Glass Water Bottles

Apr 08, 2021 08:00

How do you use glass bottles in your everyday life? Most of us use these bottles to hold water. It is safe to drink water from glass bottles. The glass drink bottles Australia are available at a reasonable rate, and we can replace plastic bottles with these glass models. However, glass bottles are also used for storing beverages and sauces. Apart from storing water and other beverages, there are also some more innovative ways of using bottles you might be interested to know. When our glass bottles become old and when they lose their glaze, we neither prefer to use them nor to throw them.

The best fact is that there are ways to reuse these bottles. We have listed some creative ways in which you can reuse glass bottles of any size and shape.

Custom Glass Water Bottles

Turn your water bottles into spray bottles-

You may have a plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. You can detach it and fit it into your glass bottle.  A spray bottle is useful for several purposes. However, plastics may turn out harmful chemicals. An average standard spray nozzle can easily be attached to a glass bottle of juice, vinegar, and soda. There are various sizes of spray nozzles available in the market. Their cost is comparatively much low then the total cost of buying a new spray bottle.

Create a beautiful vase using the glass bottles-

It is interesting to turn your old glass water bottles into a vase. You can dispose of the lid, as you need only the main body of the bottle. You may use paper, jute fibres, stickers, paints, and any other items to beautify your glass drinking water bottles Australia. No one can guess that it was once used as water bottles. You can give a new touch to your old water bottles. These bottles can turn out to be the centre of attraction in your room. Add flower stalks into them and use them as your showpieces.

Use bottles to grow fresh herbs-

Do you like to grow some green herbs? However, you cannot find a place to nurture your hobby. With minimal effort, you may convert your old water bottles into beautiful planters. You need to cut these bottles from the mid-section. Based on your preference, you can grow any herb in those planters. You may also use a thick string to suspend those planters from your windowsill. It is one of the best way of showing your creativity. You can buy glass bottles and prefer custom printing online. You will get attractive bottles that are reusable in a number of ways.

Convert glass bottles into oil lamp-

A DIY oil lamp has a beautiful and distinctive look, and you can design it using your custom glass water bottles. It takes a few steps to accomplish this task. You have to drill a hole into the lid of your glass water bottles. Buy some wicks from the craft store. Fill the bottle with oil and pass the wicks through the hole of your bottle. You can now easily lit your lamp and use it for different purposes.

Use glass bottles for storage purposes-

Choose your glass water bottles to store condiments and spices. Those bottles will find their place in your kitchen cupboard. You can easily access the essential spices by storing them in separate bottles. The inside stuff would be easily visible and the look of your cabinet would also be enhanced. So when you are fade up with your old drink bottles, try to use them for storage and reduce your cost of buying expensive storage boxes. Spices and herbs could be well-stored in them.

Glass Drink Bottles Australia

Store smoothies and other drinks

If you are having a hectic schedule with insufficient time to prepare fresh smoothies or milk shakes, try using glass bottles. Many people are preferring to store different type of detoxification drinks as well as health drinks to keep in the refrigerator. They label the bottles with name of the weekdays and consume them whenever required. This is a great way of sticking to your diet and weight loss goals too. Likewise, cold coffee and fruit milk shakes can be prepared in the morning and stored to be used at any time of the day. 

Buy glass drink bottles Australia at wholesale rates

Drink bottles of various shapes and sizes are available in the online stores on sale or at discounted prices. If you need bulk drink bottles for distribution across your customers for branding purpose, you can check the products with any supplier of promotional products Australia. Compare the product features and cost and choose the one that is suitable for your recipients. Once you are ready with the design, get them customized with your brand logo and present to your people. This is a highly useful product and would surely gain attention of the users and others around them.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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