Five Signs Of A Bad Quality Cooler Bag

Jul 02, 2020 08:00

Product quality spotlights a watchword for modern business metrics such as customer satisfaction, repeat purchase orders, brand reputation, market share, bestselling sub-brands, etc. Consumer products such as cooler bags are no exception to this rule; these bags epitomize modern ideas of consumer convenience, preservation of edible products, hot meals on-the-go, cold beverages in the Great Outdoors, etc. However, sub-standard production techniques and materials could lead to cooler bags that exhibit bad product quality.

Many business owners and brand advertisers are also using custom cooler bags as a tool to carry their brand name and increase the visibility. In such a scenario when you wish to create your brand awareness and build a reputation among your prospects, the quality of the bags becomes supreme. You would never wish to compromise on the quality, hence spoiling your name in the industry niche. Whether you are purchasing a cooler bag for your personal use or for brand promotion, keeping its quality metrics is too crucial.

Let’s examine some signatures below which shows how bad quality cooler bags can affect you and how can you identify them.

Custom Cooler Bags

Failure to maintain the temperature

Cooler bags made with sub-optimal production materials and processes fail to preserve the temperature of hot soups, hot meals, and hot beverages. In essence, these products display the classic signs of imperfect thermal insulation, thereby failing customer expectations by a wide margin. Likewise, when you will try to preserve chilled items in it, they might turn normal easily in a very less period of time. Therefore, buyers must ensure product quality when they invest in custom logo cooler bags. They can achieve this by speaking to market operators, checking the reputation of various brands, connecting to buyers forums on the Internet, and using their own experience prior to product purchase.

Breakage in Design

Customers and buyers of cooler bags can identify sub-standard products through careful visual inspections. For instance, buyers of wholesale cooler bags should check the product for breaks in insulation layers, uneven stitching of product panels, indifferent quality of zippers and fasteners, worn-out colors, accidental compression of panels, etc. These attributes typically signal bad product quality, and indicate sub-standard product performance in the years to come. Additionally, buyers should educate themselves on the bestselling brands of cooler bags, thus helping them to make informed purchase decisions.

Faulty Hinges

Big-box cooler bags are engineered with failsafe hinges that guarantee smooth operation and a high level of thermal insulation. Therefore, buyers should try to detect any signs of uneven construction, any manifest failures in hinge mechanisms, ripped sections of seams, etc. when they seek to purchase custom cooler bags. On detection, modern buyers can request retailers for a replacement product, one that is available in factory-sealed condition. Such vigilance is necessary to ensure a long-term investment in effective cooler bags.

Soggy Fabric Covers

Faulty insulation can degrade the quality of performance of modern cooler bags. For instance, bad quality cooler bags will exhibit soggy outer fabric covers indicating imperfect product performance. This can pose a serious hindrance to customer expectations, destroy brand reputations, and signal a callous attitude to manufactured products. Over time, such faults can generate serious disappointment (and consumer ire) on the part of users of products such as promo cooler bags. Therefore, sponsors that giveaway branded cooler bags must ensure top product quality before they invest marketing budgets in such consumer products. 

Custom Logo Cooler Bags

Lack of Quality Certification

Every variety of cooler bag products must carry seals that certify the product has undergone quality certification at multiple levels. The absence of such seals on the product (or product packaging) indicates suspect quality. Counterfeit products that imitate popular brands may carry unknown marks of ‘quality’, thereby mounting sneak assaults on the intelligence of buyers and consumers. Hence, manufacturers must remain vigilant about such practices, institute strict quality control procedures, etc. On their part, the modern consumer must check certifications before investing in a batch of cooler bags for use at home and in the workplace. 

Quality products bring quality experience

Having discussed about all the features of a quality-compromised cooler bags, we must acknowledge that the market is full of quality products as well. Choosing them wisely can not only give you return on investment but also a good experience of using the product which can turn out to be really cherished experience. The purpose of cooler bag is to keep your stuffs at a temperature you want and if that is altered, you can certainly lose your cool.

Cooler bags for promotions are also available in the market that can be customized with your brand name or logo in the way you want. They can be used during corporate events or other occasions to be presented to your people, employees or visitors to build good reputation. Order quality cooler bags with business logo online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Rest assured of the product quality and the cost.

Author : Amit Ghia

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