Here Are 5 Exciting Reasons To Choose Towels For Your Business Promotion

Oct 30, 2020 08:00

When you think of offering custom gifts to your customers, a range of ideas can come up in your mind. Most of them are the conventional type which have been used for ages and some could be innovative too. No matter what you choose, the only criteria to choose good gifts is it should engage your users. That is why, boring promotional gifts may not always trigger interests in recipients. It is better to choose something different to get the utmost value from your marketing campaigns. While pens, lanyards, and mugs are common corporate gifts, you can prefer investing in cheap promotional beach towels also. These are an item of daily use and can get a daily dose of exposure to your brand. There are many occasions on which you may hand out those towels to your recipients like at seminars, conventions, and tradeshows.

But, why should you buy towels to promote your business? We can present you with the strongest reasons for this choice.

Gym Towels Bulk

Get much space for branding-

Branding is the main target of presenting your potential customers with towels. Thus, you need some space to show your brand name, message, and logo. The standard towels with a dimension of 30 by 60 inches give you a good amount of space to print a custom message related to your brand. However, make sure that you are displaying your branding elements without affecting the aesthetics of the towel. A small promotional product usually gives a little space for your logo only. However, a towel can give you ample space to get a text printed or embroidered as well. Make a perfect combination of design and colours to create a lasting impression.

Last for several years-

You never like to choose promotional gifts that become worn-out in a short time and find a place in the bin. However, most towels last for about 15 years, and thus, your brand logo will be viewable to users for a longer period. It is better to choose two-ply cotton/polyester towels that have high durability. Pure cotton towels are also soft and have an absorbent capacity. You may place an order for bath towels and gym towels bulk package.

No problem with sizing-

A towel is a one-size-fits-all gift offering value to every recipient. When you think of offering t-shirts and similar other items, sizing can be an issue. Conversely, you can keep away from this problem with towels. Eye-catching promotional towels will be the perfect gift for men and women of all ages. You may offer these towels during beach parties and outdoor events. There is no risk of choosing the wrong sizes for recipients in your list.

Towels are versatile gifts with lots of choices- 

Based on the needs of your target audience, you can pick the right towels for your promotional campaign. Some companies choose colourful beach towels, while others prefer large bath towels as custom gifts. As a restaurant and hotel owner, you may offer small hand towels to your guests. Moreover, there are kitchen towels, face towels, spa towels, and sports towels available in the market.

Promotional Towels

Easy to store-

Bulky stuff may not be the right gifting options. Towels are easily foldable, compact items, and you may easily distribute them among your target recipients. Pack these towels perfectly in some boxes to ensure the best presentation of your corporate gifts. Handy plastic bags can also keep the towels safe. You can stack all these bags one above another and can carry to the venue of the event. For outdoor locations, make sure you manage water proof storage for the product to keep them safe. 

Suitable for all age groups-

This product is suitable to be gifted to anyone. Based on your business type, your target audience might differ. Still you can go with this product for all of them. If you are running any education institution for kids, you can choose to get printed small size towel with cartoon printing. If you are running any club, gym or sports space, you can get towels printing in various patters. Also, for the same design, different sizes of towels can be ordered. Gym bulk towels can be bought in two different colors for men and women from the same supplier of promotional gifts. They would provide customization also.

For these reasons, we have found towels as the best corporate promotional products for any marketing campaign. Take your campaign to a different level with these functional gifts. Make your customers feel special with these custom towels.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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