Here Are Some Cheapest And The Most Expensive Promotional Pens

Sep 09, 2021 08:00

Pens are one of the essentials for both personal and professional purposes. Apart from having its common use in academics by students, teachers, and others, it has got popularity as a promotional item. People of any business use this product as a free giveaway since the recipient of any type would surely use this item. A pen with a high-quality ink can be a perfect corporate gift as well with the capability to please your customers and employees. However, every company has different budgets when they invest in corporate gifts. The market is over saturated with a range of pen designs and styles. You would get an affordable deal when you order wholesale promotional pens online Australia. But, before searching for these writing tools, it is better to search for cheaper and costlier categories of pens. This will help you identify a product that falls in your budget so that you can make the best use of fun allotted to you for branding purpose. Let’s explore the pens with respect to varying costs and affordability.

Printed Promo Pens

Pen styles- Available at the most reasonable rate-

Ballpoint pens- Brass ballpoint and stainless-steel ballpoint pens are highly functional. The branded ballpoint pens can smoothly glide across the page. The refillable oil-based ink is available in a range of colors. As it is a ballpoint pen, there is a metal ball attached to the tip. Some ballpoint pens have removable caps, while others have a click and twist mechanism. The cost of this type of pen differs based on the body material of the pen which could be plastic, metal, as well as wood.

Rollerball pens- They are similar to ballpoint pens. But, their ink is more vicious and they will not smear while you write across the page.They will give you a smooth writing experience. Moreover, rollerball pens mostly have darker ink. Print your brand name on them and use those pens as your promotional gift. They are also good as a gift if you wish to present them to your people who are students.

Multi-ink pens- Available at a pocket-friendly rate, these pens have a high utility value. A single pen enables users to use ink of different colours, like blue, black, and red. These multi-ink pens have metal balls with thick barrels. They look interesting and attractive and specially preferred by school-going kids. Though, they serve big purpose and look expensive, they are actually very affordable and fall in a low budget category. Their body also have a transparent look sometimes.

Antimicrobial pens- During this pandemic period, antimicrobial pens are useful for preventing the spread of fungi, virus, and bacteria. Commercial facilities can use these pens to prevent issues from microbes. They are unique and highly in demand these days. The functionality of this pen has made them quite popular as a gift.

These are affordable promotional products for your corporate gifting purposes. 

Premium pen styles for high-budget buyers-

Fountain pens- These are fancy pens with water-based ink. Both students and professionals like to use these pens for their regular writing needs. The modern fountain pens are available with chrome and golden accents. However, the price of these premium promotional pens can be higher than other standard pens. Customizing these pens with screen printing method gives them a very elegant look. You can also choose to buy a set of foundation pen and a ball-point pen with metal body as a gift for your esteemed clients.

Premium Promotional Pens

Stylus pens- Your employees love innovative gifts as they use their tabs and mobiles every day. That is why you can offer a stylus pen. Some pens have an option of switching between the stylus tip and the standard ink-based tip. The best stylus pens have a rubber tip compatible with touchscreen of a device. Moreover, the barrels of the pens have both thick and thin models. You can check the price on an online portal or look for sale on promotional pens to get them at the best rates.

Highlighter pens- With removable caps, these models can be used as both highlighters and pens. These pens are also useful in both classrooms and workplaces. Highlighters are available in different colors of ink, like orange, blue, green, and pink. You can choose highlighters as printed promo pens. They offer ample space for printing of your business logo or brand name.

Technical pens- Engineers and architects need to use these special pens for technical drawing purposes. They have replaceable and refillable ink cartridge. They also have interchangeable tips of different thickness levels. These are best for some specific type of guests or recipients.

With a slightly higher budget, you can buy these pens. However, to get the best deals always check the cost online and order in bulk to get them at wholesale rates. The best deal would be one in which you get them customized at the same cost.

Author : Amit Ghia

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